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Clean up your social networks in a flash

July 01, 2014

Looking for a job? Chances are you’re preparing your resume, writing a cover letter, networking with industry peers and talking to your TEKsystems recruiter. However, there is something else you should add to your to preinterview to-do list: a social media audit.

Social media networks are becoming increasingly important for employers to check before they make a hiring decision. According to Reppler, a social media monitoring service, 91 percent of recruiters use social networking sites to screen prospective employees. 76 percent of that group is looking on Facebook, 53 percent is checking Twitter and 48 percent is searching on LinkedIn. Furthermore, 69 percent of that group said they have rejected a candidate because of what they saw on those sites.

It is essential that you present yourself in a professional and consistent manner. The good news is that there are several tools out there to help you monitor and clean up your online social presence.

SimpleWash is an application designed to quickly help you clean your Facebook and Twitter history. It scans all of the content on your profile―including comments by other people on photos or posts―and detects key words that might be associated with things you do not want a potential employer seeing. Once the results are returned, you can browse through the flagged content and click on anything you want to remove. In addition, you can run custom searches to make sure you have never talked negatively about the company you are interviewing with.

SociallyClean scans for uses of negative words and phrases that employers could use to judge your character. Once you authorize access to your Facebook page, they will perform a scan of your entire posting history. They do not need access to your password, messages or financial information. Nothing is deleted from your profile without your approval.

Social Sweepster uses a combination of patent-pending computer vision and language processing to help monitor and clean up your online social presence. It currently only works on Facebook and Twitter, but will be expanding to Tumblr and Instagram. Unlike its competitors, Social Sweepster can search text and photos. When it scans your accounts, it will find pictures containing objects that could be questionable.

Social media has become an important part of people’s everyday lives, which has led to oversharing. In the past week you probably saw or read something on a social network that made you cringe. Before you post online, ask yourself if this could jeopardize your chances of getting a job in the future. Don’t let your social posts ruin your chance to advance your career. Be proactive today!

Want to add positive, relevant content to your social profiles? Check out TEKsystems' Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages for great information.

As the social media guru for TEKsystems, Kellie Elmerraji keeps up with the latest trends in social media and provides advice on how IT professionals can use outlets like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to advance their careers.

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