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TEKsystems’ Annual IT Forecast for 2016

Now in its fourth year, the IT Forecast indicates a continued trend of decreased spending expectations within centralized IT functions. Coming out of the economic downturn, IT leaders expected increasing budgets and spending in 2014. Going into 2016, the picture has changed significantly, with fewer IT leaders expecting growth for centralized IT budgets. However, organizations are still investing, indicating that technology spending, in the era of the digital enterprise, is distributed across the organization more now than ever before. Having ramped up investments in technology initiatives in 2014, it seems that many organizations have now reached a steady state and are evaluating results. 

2016 IT Industry Forecast Video


2016 IT Industry Forecast

Executive Summary

2016 IT Industry Forecast


Key Facts
  • TEKsystems surveyed more than 500 IT leaders on their expectations for IT in 2016. Read our infographic for a quick look at the results.
  • Survey results indicate that budgets for technology investment are increasingly moving outside of the IT department. About 3 out of 5 IT leaders report that functional areas other than IT are expected to spend the majority of their organization’s technology budget. Watch our video to learn more about how organizational technology spending is expected to change in 2016.
  • Across the enterprise, the decentralization of IT appears to impact IT leaders’ overall priorities, as alignment and communication across the organization is expected to be the biggest challenge for IT departments in 2016.
  • For more detail on our survey and to see how IT leaders responded, download our executive summary.