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Certifications Infographic

Key points from this Infographic

  • Only 26 percent of IT leaders always/often verify certifications, with just 52 percent of IT professionals indicating they always/often represent their certifications accurately on their resumes. Together, these findings point to a staggeringly high percentage of organizations potentially exposed to “certification inflation” during the vetting process. 
  • With options ranging from emerging to established vendor and third-party backed disciplines, certification in competency areas that have had been around longer, are less subject to change and are more widely adopted are viewed by both IT leaders and professionals as having greater value. At its baseline, it appears the value of a certification is built upon the foundation of how valuable the core discipline is to the overall organization
  • One of the most concerning findings is the disconnect between leaders and professionals in regards to which phase of their career certifications provide the most value. Only 16 percent of professionals pursue certifications based on improving their hiring potential, yet IT leaders view certification as playing the most important role in the hiring stage.
  • Less than one-third (31 percent) of leaders factor certifications into salary compensation – a reflection that IT leaders view the value of certification to be interwoven with job performance. Conversely, 50 percent of professionals believe that the number of individual certifications should be taken into account in overall salary compensation, reflecting a “collectors” mentality.