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2017 Healthcare IT Forecast

Coming into 2017, healthcare IT (HIT) leaders are more confident than ever in their IT department’s ability to satisfy overall organizational demands. To capture expectations for the coming year—covering budget, workforce planning and key initiatives—TEKsystems surveyed healthcare IT leaders (CIOs, IT VPs, IT directors, IT hiring managers) as part of our annual IT forecast.

Healthcare IT Forecast Infographic

Next Steps

Eighty-two percent of HIT leaders are confident in their ability to meet overall organizational demands—the highest percentage since we began conducting the annual IT forecast survey in 2013. Perhaps it is because the technology investments made over the past five years are beginning to come to fruition, such as electronic health records, legacy modernization and mobility. Bigger budgets, clear priorities and increased headcount are likely responsible as well. As healthcare information technology continues to mature, HIT leaders need to remain confident, yet cautious, as potential threats could hinder their ability to achieve goals moving forward. Stalled salary growth could motivate talented IT professionals in critical skill sets to pursue opportunities in other industries. Or lack of ability to support new initiatives/goals could prohibit your organization from keeping up with technology, putting your organization at a competitive disadvantage. Tactics like creating an employee value proposition and strategically partnering with a scalable IT services partner can help your organization remain agile to keep up with ever-evolving technology and market opportunities.