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Legacy Modernization

Consumers have access to more healthcare options than ever before. When considering providers or insurers, they want flexibility, high-quality service and cost transparency—and healthcare organizations relying on aging and inflexible systems are having a difficult time responding to these expectations.

Transforming and managing—or retiring—legacy systems reduces maintenance costs, improves organizational agility and increases your ability to support new initiatives and regulatory changes. 

TEKsystems helps healthcare organizations modernize or retire their legacy core administrative systems, such as claims processing, claims adjudication, workflow management and documentation management.

Healthcare Legacy Modernization

The increased use of automation within healthcare—and the replacement and optimization of EHR , financial and business systems due to healthcare reform—are requiring immediate action to migrate and replace discontinued legacy systems. With information security concerns rising, aging systems pose a more significant security risk than newer systems. Plus, legacy systems require more support and higher maintenance costs compared to newer, more agile and cost-efficient technologies.

Modernization initiatives are significant undertakings. They involve migration or consolidation of core business applications—functions that are deeply ingrained in a healthcare organization’s workflow. They can also be complex, involving multiple clinical and business systems, and require significant upfront investment in hardware or software that may lack immediate ROI, which can hinder the ability to secure proper budget.

It is challenging to determine how to strategically address the limitations of these systems you depend on day to day. And perhaps most challenging is maintaining service-line support while managing the transformation which can overwhelm already overloaded IT teams.

TEKsystems partners with you to help modernize your healthcare technology systems. We assess your environment and identify dependencies to ensure a smooth transition. We also help you manage and maintain your existing systems to ensure service continuity and limit internal business disruptions as core systems are upgraded or replaced.

The Value We Bring

Our proprietary database consists of 81 percent of the domestic IT workforce, including 107,000 clinical IT professionals and 11,000 HL7 consultants. Our National Recruiting Center has a team focused on HL7 and associated skill sets.

We have the ability to deliver services across the delivery continuum, including application maintenance and outsourcing services. Plus, our flexible delivery models enable us to meet the exact level of support you need, such as staff augmentation, managed services, project-based engagements and full-scale outsourcing.

We have expertise across both payer and provider systems, along with national account teams that understand your segment’s unique challenges, culture and structure.

We can serve as a change and educational agent to help your staff understand, use and adopt the new system, offering instructor-led, e-learning and blended training solutions.