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Information Security

Stronger regulations and fines—and high-profile breaches—are incentivizing healthcare institutions to take information security seriously. 

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, there were 253 healthcare breaches that each affected 500 individuals or more in 2015—the combined loss was over 112 million records. 

TEKsystems Information Security Services can help you maximize ROI on your information security budgets and secure your proprietary, employee and patient records.

Healthcare Information Security Solutions

In an industry where sensitive information is transmitted daily, information security has continued be a significant challenge for healthcare organizations. Patient and other private data often reside on systems that are not maintained to modern technology standards, and many clinical, EHR and other HIT systems interoperate poorly with traditional IT solutions. This creates a complicated environment where there are multiple opportunities for breakdown in security measures and risk of a breach.

Proper identity management is a critical part of ensuring information security. The average hospital maintains authoritative sources for employees and nonemployee credential physicians, but other nonemployee types are loosely managed, if at all. With increased use of customer portals and shared EHRs, identity management continues to grow into a complex web that includes both internal and external identities.

TEKsystems Information Security Services can help you control access to sensitive information. With a thorough understanding of identity access management (IAM) and the healthcare industry, we work with you to develop a customized roadmap that fits your unique requirements and culture. Once a roadmap is complete, we can assist with vendor selection, demonstration and proof of concept, implementation, and support of all IAM technologies, as well as training and education to drive user adoption of new systems and processes.

The Value We Bring

Using proven and repeatable processes and tools, we customize our IAM roadmaps to each client’s unique requirements and culture. Learn more about our Information Security Services.

Compared to software vendors who often think in terms of their modules versus a customer’s unique business, we maintain an independent position on the advice and solutions we provide—while also maintaining relationships with leading industry vendors.

We provide a customized, best practices-driven and cost-competitive approach to ensure information security implementation is aligned with our clients’ business and financial needs.

Developing an IAM program can require significant time commitments from already overcommitted client resources. Whereas other third-party partners are limited to security expertise, our broad and diverse capabilities position us to support related projects and fill in gaps where you need them.

To improve budget and timeline estimates and minimize downstream challenges, we take an upfront approach to clearly define goals, objects and project risks.