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Data and Analytics

Healthcare systems—electronic health records, patient portals and claims processing, among others—generate vast amounts of discrete data. With data access points and competition continuing to grow, healthcare organizations need the ability to transform that raw data into meaningful and actionable insights. 

Data is extremely valuable. Healthcare data can improve patient care, cost transparency and operational efficiency—but only if it is protected, managed and analyzed effectively.

TEKsystems helps healthcare organizations address issues that inhibit meaningful analysis of critical data from multiple sources. We can help you meet short-term goals, such as integrating BI into day-to-day use to improve operations—and we can help you work toward achieving a long-term strategic vision, like incorporating Big Data into your business decision-making process.

Healthcare Data and Analytics Solutions

Healthcare reform is significantly changing how payers and providers operate—and the ability to capture and leverage data will play a major role as to whether organizations thrive or fail in the face of that transformation.

Clinical BI is an essential tool for providers to control costs and increase quality because it gives insight into what works and what doesn’t. Without accurate, comprehensive and timely reporting, providers are at risk of delivering lower quality of care and causing higher remittance. For payers that want care management strategies based on targeted interventions, they need to invest in predictive modeling to master Big Data. The ability to accurately identify which patients require services most can help improve quality and reduce costs by avoiding hospitalizations and personalizing interventions and care.

Many healthcare organizations struggle with the time and financial investments and the specialized skill sets that data and analytics projects require. By providing the right team with the right expertise, TEKsystems can help maximize ROI and improve time to productivity. We leverage strong internal processes to keep costs down and quality high. Plus, our iterative, Agile methodologies allow for shorter project life cycles and quicker ROI.

The Value We Bring

Our Enterprise Applications and Middleware Services team specializes in developing dashboards that let you extend your reach into previously dark data and develop the predictive analytics models you require to set yourself apart from your competitors.

Our IT professionals have certifications and experience in top BI platforms: Erwin, IBM, Informatica, Microsoft, Micro Strategy, Netezza, Oracle, SAP and Sybase. We can support multiple product and data-specific application suites, such as care management and analytic engine products, simultaneously.

Our National Recruiting Center focuses on both industry- and technology-specific skill sets to support our local and regional teams. We can scale our support to meet your exact needs, whether it’s providing healthcare BI and data talent on shore, near shore or off shore in outsourced, project-based, managed and staff augmentation models.

As an Oracle BI Platinum partner, TEKsystems offers deep knowledge and experience implementing Oracle solutions, and we bring product-specific expertise to every enterprise engagement, from roadmapping to strategy development, implementation and upgrade solutions.