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Mastering Scope and Schedule

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1 Day

This workshop focuses on mastering the processes of defining a scope and developing a schedule that will deliver that scope. Participants will develop practical project planning knowledge targeted toward small projects. Participants will apply project planning tools and processes to either case study scenarios or, if practical, real-life projects that they will oversee. All topics are supported with a PowerPoint presentation and, where applicable and pertinent, a case study exercise. Participant guides consist of full-text narratives usable for future reference.
This course is designed for project planner and managers.
Introduction/ Ground rules/ Icebreaker

Project Management Nuts and Bolts – The Basics

Project Management Terminology
The Project Management Process
The Triple Constraint
Case Study Selection

Accepting Your Project Assignment
Why is Your Project Necessary?
Identifying and Analyzing Your Stakeholders
Formulating a Stakeholder Management Strategy
Case Study Exercise: Create a Stakeholder Register

Validating Your Project’s Scope
Scope Description
Case Study Exercise: Create a Scope Statement

Identifying Your Project’s Pieces and Parts
How to Create a WBS
Defining Activities for Delegation
Case Study Exercise: Create a WBS and an Activity List

Estimating Your Project’s Effort and Costs
The Irony of Accurate Estimating
Relationships between Effort, Duration, and Cost
Estimating Techniques
Using Estimates to Create a Project Budget and Schedule
Large Group Exercise: Estimating Activities

Planning the Schedule
Sequencing Project Activities
How to Build a Network Diagram using Precedence Logic
Case Study Exercise: Create a Network Diagram
Understanding Your Critical Path
Setting the Project’s Baseline

Planning for Project Risk
The Communication Plan
The Risk Management Plan
Case Study Exercise: Create a Risk Management Plan

Wrap Up/ Q and A/ Workshop Evaluations
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