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A Focus on Stakeholder Management

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2 Days

The workshop demonstrates the concept that dealing with human beings is an art. But when supported by proven techniques and processes, that art can lead to greater cooperation and project success. Make short term gains more effectively while paving the way for stronger relationships and longer term gains far into the future. Working productively and efficiently with others generates cost savings and efficiency gains, is critical for every project. Participants will leave this session with a stronger understanding of how they view others and themselves and how to approach partnering, negotiating, and conflict management. Participants will demonstrate a focused approach to planned communication and stakeholder management strategies and holding others accountable.
This course is designed for anyone.
Please reference course topics.
Introduction/Ground rules/Icebreaker

Who are These People?

Exercise: What is a Stakeholder?
Stakeholders by Definition (who are they, what are their roles and influences)
Stakeholder Management According to PMI
(The Messiness of) Stakeholder Management According to Reality

Understanding Your Stakeholders
Exercise: In Their Shoes
Being Aware of Politics
Creating “Good” Politics
Preparing to Communicate
Data versus Information
Exercise: Alpha Beta

The Trust Factor
Trust on Projects
Trust Factors
Establishing “Trust Accounts in Project Relationships"
The Trust Matrix
Exercise: Out of Control

Influencing Is NOT Manipulation
Influencing and Influencing Styles
The Influence Model
Influence without Authority Model
Influence Outcomes: Task and Relationship
Overcoming Influencing Barriers
Valued Currencies
Exercise: Influencing with Emotional Intelligence

Bridging Exercise from Day 1

The Right Problem Solved Right

Problems and Problem Solving Defined
Problem Solving Model
Exercise: Magic Carpet Ride
Tools for Root Cause Discovery
Tools for Selecting the Best Alternative
Exercise: Make the Tallest Tower

The Effective Negotiation
Exercise: Compete and Collaborate
Foundations of a Good Negotiation
Separating the People from the Problem
Focusing on Interests, Not Positions
Inventing Options for Mutual Gain
Using Objective Criteria to Support Your Case
A Negotiating Model
Exercise: Negotiate with Me

I Don’t Mean to Nag, But…
Setting the Stage for Accountability
When you do not have Formal Authority
Addressing a Lack of Accountability
Exercise: Get it Done!

Conflict: Fight, Flight, or Resolve
Causes of Conflict
Good Conflict and Bad Conflict
Conflict Resolution Strategies
Exercise: Chain Gang

Wrap Up
Questions and Answers
Personal Action Plans and Evaluations
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