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Why IT Departments are All Unique

Hi Paul, welcome to the IT department at eBark.

Now you can forget what you’ve heard about bulls and bears or shark tanks; working in the tech industry is a breed of its own. Now let me give you some pointers.

When we’re working on a new project, it’s very important to involve the business owners. Our business analysts work directly with them because sometimes, the tech folks don’t always bark the same language and they don’t want to be hounded later.

Our development team is really top-notch. Jack here is developing a new mobile app, Brenda's adding a new portal to our site and Don’s just chasing his tail over this new software integration.

Looks like it’s time for the daily Scrum meeting. Our ScrumMaster Greg makes sure the team’s sprints are on track. Flexibility and speed are very important to Greg and to eBark’s Agile process.

Once we think our stuff is up to, well, code, we move on to QA. It’s a critical component to producing high-quality products and spotting bugs; however, sometimes the developers and testers fight like, well, you know.

One of the hardest working groups on our team of course is our help desk and support service professionals. Skilled in several areas, they help sniff out the problem and fetch solutions quickly so our business stays online.

I hate to cut the tour short, but I have to talk to Dana about putting out some kind of fire. Welcome to IT, you’re gonna love it.

In a competitive, sometimes even dog-eat-dog environment, you need loyalty you can count on. Reach out to a TEKsystems recruiter who can help you take the next step in your IT career.