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Global Services Testimonials Sree Vaidyanathan, Sony Playstation

The business team, Sony Playstation, was struggling with the sales and operation plan. They did not have the right set of data to run their sales and operation plan. I was under severe pressure, particularly IT was under big time pressure to make sure we can delegate some business value add to the business back. And we found out that TEKsystems had a beautiful solution for us to start the journey of this transformation and helped us to cleanse the data and provide the visibility which kind of started the business process reengineering for us.

Our forecast accuracy has gone up by, from low 40%, we are at high 92, 93%. So that's amazing, that could only happen, not without your commitment to this thing would we have done it. This has been fantastic, it's the kind of value add that I see in this engagement. All the road leads to TEKsystems, that how good it is, it is where the road is going right down the line.