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TEKsystems Testimonial from Educational Testing Services

Our business is quite cyclical so as demand increases the ability to staff up quickly and also to staff down when a project ends has been critically important.

TEKsystems has helped us achieve our goals by providing highly qualified individuals, in particular in the security space, when we have immediate need gaps to fill.

It’s about face time; it’s about staying in touch—literally and figuratively being in the office to understand what’s going on at the company.

It really streamlines the process, it moves faster, we tend to get higher quality candidates for staffing and it lowers the burden in terms of interview and selection.

One of the things that sets TEKsystems apart from other vendors is that close connection to what’s going on in our business and operations. How they are able to sense the market and determine not just ETS's needs but trends in the industry and come to the table prepared to meet those.