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At TEKsystems we believe in the power of people: the power to aspire, to learn, to know, and to achieve the impossible. 

People are the drivers of progress. That's why what we do is so important to us. No matter how large or small, how complex or demanding the job at hand, we provide the absolute best people to make your IT goals a business reality. 

Our understanding of the IT workforce—the thinkers, the doers, the leaders—is what makes us unique. 

TEKsplore is our market research division that's in constant connection with the IT labor market. Every year TEKsystems matches nearly 80,000 IT professionals with IT initiatives at 6,000 client sites across the globe. 

And every week we speak with nearly 100,000 IT professionals about their challenges and best practices in executing IT initiatives and attaining career growth. 

We combine this hands-on insight with thousands of responses to our proprietary industry research, hundreds of thousands of data points on IT talent supply and demand, and the numerous focus groups, councils and round table discussions we host with IT professionals worldwide

The result of our TEKsplore research? 

We are the go-to source for understanding IT human capital—what works, what doesn't, and which people are best in getting IT done. 

Learn more by searching our TEKsplore research library.