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IT Talent Screening Process Expectations

TEKsystems recently surveyed 2,400 IT professionals and 1,500 IT leaders about their screening processes and experiences.

How effective is your screening method? IT leaders (40 percent) and IT professionals (41 percent) agree that it is common for IT professionals to be hired who are unqualified.

Ninety-eight percent of entry-level job seekers, 85 percent of mid-level job seekers and 56 percent of senior-level job seekers expect the length of screening to take no more than one month.

Percent of IT leaders and IT professionals who agree about these issues commonly found on resumes:

  • Irrelevant buzzwords (78 percent of IT leaders, 64 percent of IT professionals)
  • Exaggerations (69 percent of IT leaders, 49 percent of IT professionals)
  • Lies (35 percent of IT leaders, 39 percent of IT professionals)

Percent of IT leaders and IT professionals who say screening steps are always completed:

  • Requiring references (74 percent of IT leaders, 80 percent of IT professionals)
  • Contacting references (41 percent of IT leaders, 14 percent of IT professionals)
  • Conducting technical tests (10 percent of IT leaders, 8 percent of IT professionals)

Sixty-six percent of IT leaders and 43 percent of IT professionals say that the screening process provides accurate picture of job—only 5 percent of IT professionals strongly agree.

Percent of IT leaders and IT professionals who say the screening process provides some insight to job aspects:

  • Job roles/responsibilities (82 percent of IT leaders, 75 percent of IT professionals)
  • Work/life balance (56 percent of IT leaders, 23 percent of IT professionals)
  • Career path (55 percent of IT leaders, 25 percent of IT professionals)

According to IT professionals, areas of the screening process that need the most improvement are:

  • Compensation discussed earlier
  • Feedback during the process
  • More insight into the actual job

Three out of 4 IT professionals agree that the screening process affects the decision to continue or withdraw.

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