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Successful Mobile Outsourcing

The pace and complexity of change in mobile business has meant that most organizations have found themselves in uncharted territory. Businesses need to keep up, and according to a recent study, two out of three organizations lack the in-house skills they need to handle mobility projects. This contributes to four out of five organizations ranking their mobility strategies at low to medium maturity.

Outsourcing is the key to meeting these needs on time and under budget. By partnering with a trusted vendor who’s aligned to address four specific needs unique to the mobile landscape, clients can position themselves for success.

First, mobile projects require highly specialized talent, and qualified talent is hard to find, with 41 percent of those surveyed struggling to find the skill sets they need. TEKsystems has an established team with mobility-specific experience

Second, nearly half of our respondents find support for cross-platform devices is the most daunting aspect of development. Our development and testing is not dependent on specific technologies or platforms.

Third, not all mobile needs are the same, and each organization requires mobile support along a continuum. Our scalable solutions are designed to support all areas of mobile, including back-end integration, security, supportability and more.

Finally, while half of those surveyed are looking for clarity and desire a framework to evaluate project worthiness, less than one-third of respondents are currently supported by a Center of Excellence. TEKsystems' Center of Excellence helps to monitor and define progress for our clients' unique mobility needs.

TEKsystems Mobility Services is ideally positioned to implement a wide array of mobility solutions. For more information about this study or to learn more about TEKsystems Mobility Services, please contact us.