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Need an Effective Sourcing Strategy?

TEKsystems surveyed more than 2,400 IT professionals and 1,500 IT leaders about their impressions on talent sourcing, and what we learned was very enlightening. 

Jason Hayman, TEKsystems market research manager: Finding the right IT talent is a constant struggle for organizations. To build an effective sourcing strategy, you need to build a strong, well-defined employee value proposition that clearly describes why IT professionals would want to work at your company, something only 8 percent of IT leaders strongly agree their companies do well. 

When IT professionals look for jobs they want to know as much as possible about the company, the positions, the teams they may work with, and they want to talk to someone who takes the time to understand their career aspirations. 

So what are the challenges IT professionals face when seeking a new position? 

  • Gathering inside information about a position or company
  • Getting insight into the hiring manager’s priorities
  • Getting noticed
  • Receiving feedback on their candidacy
  • Finding relevant opportunities

Finding a partner that can reach the right candidates and help overcome their challenges is key. Nearly 60 percent of IT professionals said they consult with recruiters during their job search more than friends, colleagues and their professional networks. A great recruiter can guide candidates through their job search by providing the information they need while also matching their skills, goals and interests to a company’s criteria. 

So what are some of the attributes of a great recruiter

Thorough. Find a recruiting partner that gets to know your company and solicits information from you beyond the job description. The best recruiters will use these details to attract strong candidates to your specific opportunity.

  • Committed. A recruiter who does the homework on prospective candidates before reaching out is essential. A question to ask yourself: How well does your recruiter know the candidates he or she is providing?
  • Respected. Sixty-five percent of IT professionals say they will return a recruiter’s phone call if he or she works for a high-profile, respected company. Research your recruiter and ensure the agency has a proven track record.
  • Connected. Referrals are the best way to find qualified talent. On average, IT professionals have 10 people in their networks who share their skill set and who they would recommend for a job. Ask your recruiting partner about their sourcing strategy and how they tap IT job-seekers’ networks.
  • Resourceful. Gauge how deeply your recruiter cares to understand why your company is a great place to work. If they don’t, prospective candidates likely aren’t getting the information they need to make an informed decision about your company and the opportunity.

Great recruiters know that when it comes to making a quality match between an individual and an organization, you can’t and shouldn’t fully automate the process. By partnering with a great recruiter, you’ll not only ensure that you hire top talent but you also ensure that your new hires will be a good technical, business and cultural fit.