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The Importance of a Quality Screening Process

Voiceover: TEKsystems surveyed more than 2,400 IT professionals and 1,500 IT leaders about their impressions on talent screening, and what we learned was very enlightening.

Jason Hayman, TEKsystems market research manager: The quality screening process is critical to business success. The right hire can increase productivity, while a bad hire can lead to losses in time, money and productivity.

Ninety-five percent of IT leaders and 81 percent of IT professionals agreed that the more thorough the screening process, the better chance of making a quality match. Despite the need for a quality screening process, only 9 percent of IT professionals and about a quarter of IT leaders strongly agree that staffing companies perform quality reference checks. 

Nine percent of IT professionals and 12 percent of IT leaders strongly agree that most companies perform technical assessments, which may lead to the fact that about 40 percent of IT leaders and IT professionals agree that it’s common for IT professionals to get positions for which they are unqualified. Just imagine the productivity of a team when two out of five employees aren’t qualified for their role. 

There’s a delicate balance in any quality screening process. While having too quick a process risks hiring an unqualified candidate, too slow a process risks losing interest or availability of top talent. So how do you strike a balance and attract the best possible talent? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Streamline your application process. Don’t lose out on talent based on overly-long or redundant applications.
  2. Focus on high-impact screening stages. Partner with a recruiter or agency to allow you to focus on in-person interviews with prescreened and vetted talent.
  3. Be through but fast. IT professionals will receive an average of 23 solicitations a week, so a streamlined process will keep them engaged.
  4. Give feedback. Most IT professionals say they want personalized feedback after every stage of the screening process.

By partnering with the best staffing firms, you can access the most qualified talent in your market and hire only those candidates who can and will make a long-term positive impact as an employee within your organization.

Thank you to all the IT leaders and IT professionals who participated in this valuable research. For more information about how to effectively screen and source your next IT talent, check out our whitepaper The Importance of a Quality Screening Process.