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Navigating through BYOD: Bring Your Own Device

To ensure a successful passage through the unknown sea of BYOD, companies must prepare for a dangerous journey and plot a safe course.  Along the way they will face uncontrollable forces that will threaten the stability of the ship. Yet knowing these obstacles and proactively taking steps to mitigate these risks can result in a huge benefit in productivity. 

A successful BYOD policy will address a comprehensive list of information security issues, helping you make it to port safe and sound:

First, Batten Down the Hatches: Unsecured devices are a constant security risk for sensitive company data. To bolster your security, consider implementing password protections, timeout features and remote wipes to defend vital company information.

Second, Clear the Decks: Making sure your organization limits access to data is not just important; it’s a legal and compliance issue as well. Identify the applicable regulatory requirements and restrict user access to data based on each individual’s needs.

Third, Keep off the Rocks: IT support can be stretched thin in the best of circumstances, but with an unlimited variety of devices an IT department can be overwhelmed. Limit the number and type of devices permitted and increase access to self-help to allow IT members to focus on the most important support needs.

Fourth, Weigh the Anchor: Personal and nonessential downloads can cripple an internal network. Placing parameters on the information available for download will help organizations leverage their network for the transactions that need to occur.

Fifth, Learn the Ropes: Many organizations do not properly communicate or train on BYOD policies. Take time to implement training; educated employees are more likely to follow and take responsibility for company policy.

The tide of BYOD is rising and it is essential for organizations to prepare a strategy and proactively communicate their policies. For more information about preparing your BYOD strategy, simply contact us.