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IT Talent Retention

Much like winning a football game, the success of any IT project is directly a result of the team behind it. This makes employee retention extremely important. Attrition is inevitable and affects all skill groups across an organization. And as the future of work trends toward more modular and special teams, forming championship teams will become increasingly difficult.

Therefore, understanding employees’ needs and pain points is essential for any organization. Salary and job security are understandably very important, but companies can even more directly prioritize career opportunities, manager quality and flexible scheduling.

Even if your organization has programs in place to address these priorities, employees may not know it. While IT leaders widely believe responsibility for career growth is equally shared, half of employees feel solely responsible for their career growth. Regularly communicating about available benefit programs can greatly improve employee morale and long-term dedication.

While all teams face retention challenges, it is clearly better to adapt to changing forces and you need a game plan for your employees—a value proposition.

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