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How an IT Recruiter Can Help Grow Your Career

Hi is this Nate? Hi Nate, this is Katie calling from TEKsystems, do you have a few minutes to speak?

I have a candidate who's a great fit for your systems admin role. He has a different background but I definitely think he'd be a good fit for the opportunity.

So he actually is about two years of experience and really nailed our technical assessment and his references say that you speaks very well and picks up with things pretty quickly.

I'm Katie Ward. I've been a recruiter with TEKsystems for six years. I truly love my job.

I love helping people find a career, find a long-term path with a company. I really enjoy helping new grads get their foot in the door with an organization and I also just really enjoy growing long-term relationships with my consultants.

What kind of systems management tools you use?

I focus in the end user support space and systems administration.

So when I first started I really knew nothing about the technology that I was working on. So anytime I would talk to a manager, a reference, a consultant would really just ask about the job duties and the technology that they work with that way I can truly understand the skillset and become the best recruiter.

I'd like to transition to system administration how I go about doing something like that? Have you ever worked with any type of scripting?

When I'm looking for a candidate for new opportunities we first call a hiring manager to really understand what you're looking for and we'll even look at the job description it doesn't make a lot of sense to talk to the hiring manager in a bit more detail to really build that trust and relationship.

So once we have that information I'll go into our database to look for candidates that match up to the opportunity. I'll read the notes and all the information we have on the candidates to really understand who they are and what they're looking for. This gives us a chance to really get past just a resume and truly understand what their skills, goals and interests are.

Hi Javon is Katie Ward from TEKsystems is this a good time? Perfect. I'm calling about a help desk supervisor position we had that just opened up. I understand that you're looking to make a move into the management space.

IT professionals don't like their time to be wasted when opportunities that aren't a fit for what they're looking for, so I take the time to really understand who they are and what they want their next position.

I'll bring them into our office to meet in person so you can take that time to really build that relationship that way it really helps me understand kind of their long-term goals. So even if I'm working on a position that isn't the best fit for them I know down the road I'll have something that's a great opportunity.

Hi Carol, I'm calling with good news! Mike wants to interview you. We've actually placed another candidate there and she'd love to talk to you about the environment and go over my interview style as well.

So I met with the candidate. He was pretty junior in his career, he was just starting out he was working for a company where he was doing some IT like helpdesk support and admin work. The company was small they were bouncing his paycheck so he really needed to find a job. Within just the first few weeks of us meeting I was able to help him land a help desk position and I stayed in contact with him from there.

Over a year's time he then reached out wanted to find a new role since then he was placed at three other opportunities. I recently had lunch with him he's working for a large enterprise company here in the Baltimore market, making $15 an hour more and he's really happy in his role.

So how's the new boss? Oh he's great, he's great. He takes a lot of time...

It can be a lot of hard work. A ton of time on the phone, long hours but it really feels awesome when you help someone find a job. It's tough for consultants to be out there applying job postings on their own. So helping them get in front of that hiring manager is truly rewarding.

I love working for TEKsystems.

I couldn't imagine working anywhere else. This is a career for me, not just a job. I love how we're all about world-class customer service and that to me is the most important and that's what I want to provide to my consultants.