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Are you ready for the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT). More than just tweeting fridges and self-parking cars, the explosion of Internet-enabled devices and sensors has opened up a wave of information and business opportunities. Over 50 percent of IT leaders believe IoT will have a significant or transformational impact on their business. Yet only 1 in 5 have actually begun implementing IoT initiatives.

So what is the holdup?

Security is by far the most pressing concern. After hearing stories about zombie Barbies®, infected tea kettles and hacked cars, most business leaders have a reason to be concerned.

Furthermore, interoperability poses a challenge as incompatible data standards continue to emerge.

Despite these challenges, digital transformation is here. IoT is driving new innovations in a large number of industries and will also require specialized talent. IT leaders expect they will need to rely on an external provider for more than one-third of their organizations’ IoT needs.

Case in point, a large global manufacturer turned to TEKsystems to streamline efficiency in one of its plants using a connected solution. With multiple lines assembling different appliances, it was challenging to view individual machine performance and sensor data to ensure optimal productivity across the plant floor. Now, with more granular views of each machine and real-time, connected metrics, the client has lowered maintenance and operational costs, extended asset life and boosted production volume.

Whether you are looking for support with strategy, implementation or security, it is important to have a partner you can trust. Contact TEKsystems today to find out more about how we can support your IoT initiatives.