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How to Get Started as an IT Consultant

Sateesh, TEKsystems consultant: My name is Sateesh and I’ve been working with TEKsystems for about four years. Currently I’m working as a senior supply chain consultant here in Atlanta. Before I started as a consultant I was thinking it wasn’t my cup of tea because I have to constantly move and relearn and unlearn everything I have learned in the previous project. But after I started doing it, those are the two things—the constant moving to new cities and the learning—that got me hooked on consulting and I enjoyed the most.

Richard Minaglia, recruiting lead / national recruiter: The first time I worked with Sateesh and was able to place him at a project that we had in Ohio was a great experience. Now, his long-term goal was to get to Atlanta but we had a great position in his skillset that also gave him some additional skills that would further his career.

Sateesh: Though Rich and I stay in different cities, we constantly keep in touch with emails or phone calls. Especially 15-20 days before the end of my assignment, I reach out to him to understand what opportunities are in the market and he will try to understand what my next goals are and where I want to work.

Richard: Sateesh had a great background working in the manufacturing industry, so when we had a similar company that was trying to solve a similar business problem that he’d worked on at a previous place, it was a no-brainer for me to call Sateesh and let him know about the project. It was exactly where he wanted to go long-term and it was just a perfect fit for him.

Scott Parkinson, account manager: Rich has done a great job of identifying consultants who are interested in the Atlanta market, and so we have a very proactive relationship where he’ll let me know if there’s somebody that’s in the market and I can see where there’s opportunities for that consultant here in Atlanta.

Sateesh: The one thing I really like about working with TEKsystems is before I enter the interview I’ll know what the client wants and what they’re looking for, and the client also knows about my profile. That kinds of helps me improve my confidence level because I’m not entering into unknown territory.

On my first day, my account manager was already there to introduce me to my team leader and my team, which always helped me to be more comfortable and confident when I’m entering into a new job. With consulting I get a lot of experience working under different industries so my learning curve is always going up. Between assignments I can actually take long vacations and have a good work-life balance.

I take pride in whatever I do and it motivates me to be a good consultant and it motivates me to do my best work every day at work.