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Chat with TEKsystems: A Journey through Finding and Keeping a Job in IT

Highlights from this session included:

The IT labor market

  • Of the approximately 143 million employed workers in the U.S., about
    five million are IT professionals
  • In 2012 the U.S. created 1.5 million jobs, including 219,000 (15 percent) in IT
  • There were over 1.9 million unique IT job postings in 2012
  • Seventy-nine percent of IT leaders reported talent gaps in their organizations

High-demand IT skill sets

  • Ninety-three percent  of IT pros agree that success in IT in the future will call for strong business skills as well as IT skills; over half (54 percent) strongly agree
  • IT professionals identified verbal/oral communication, understanding of the business/industry, problem solving, and written communication as the most important business skills that IT pros should work on improving

The future of the IT industry and part-time work (2014 forecast)

  • Temporary workers make up 10 percent of the current workforce, but  that number is double for IT, in which temp workers make up 20 percent of the workforce
  • IT leaders and professionals expect similar increases in both permanent and temporary headcount in 2014: 45 and 44 percent, respectively
  • IT leaders believe Big Data analytics will have the biggest impact on their organizations in 2014; business intelligence and mobility followed as the second and third most impactful

Keys to employability

  • Know what's expected: the more clarity you have around what your employer, your peers and your team expects of you, the better positioned you are to prioritize, meet and exceed those  expectations
  • Be great at your job: take pride in your work and continue to sharpen your skills by pursuing opportunities and academic programs that require you to stretch beyond your initial comfort zone
  • Remember the end game: talk with your recruiter to make sure you understand the business objectives involved in the client’s IT projects and update your resume with tangible business results you have helped other clients accomplish
  • Look for ways to add value: stay connected with projects coming down the pipeline and work with your recruiter to stay informed about where your skills are needed
  • Give and receive feedback: seek input from your client and recruiter, and do not shy away from providing candid insight to your recruiter on how s/he can be a better resource to you