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Go Back to the Future

The best jobs attract resumes galore. Even if you’re an amazing candidate, you still might get overlooked. You need a sharp and focused resume that shouts “Check me out!” Here are some tips to keep in mind when creating your resume.

Imagine yourself in the future. You’ve got your dream job. Now think about what skills got you there. By thinking about your future success, you can better determine the right skills and achievements to include in your current resume.

Now take a step back in time. OK, you may not want to remember certain youthful fashion choices, but your career highlights never go stale. Highlight your achievements on your resume. Did you meet tough deadlines? Save the company money? Think of two or three of the most important steps you took to achieve a result, and tell a story.

Other things to keep in mind when creating your resume:

Always use the most current industry terminology. And don’t list skills that might make your resume look dated. For instance, you might want to drop Windows XP certifications, since very few companies support XP anymore. 

No need to use fancy buzzwords. These make your resume seem outdated and fluffy. 

On your resume, use words or phrases that might pop up in a database search. Over-used clichés like “results-oriented” or “outside-the-box” don’t stand out. Be original. Be you.

So let’s review. Remember to keep your resume:

  • Specific to the job you want, not past jobs
  • Focused
  • Achievement- and results-oriented
  • Current
  • And buzzword- and cliché-free

Keep these tips in mind and companies will see you as the serious, competent professional you are.