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2013 IT Forecast

Business is picking up in 2013, and IT leaders are essential for meeting ambitious goals. TEKsystems surveyed over 600 IT leaders about the needs and challenges they face in 2013.

The business areas with the biggest demand for IT:

  • Operations
  • Marketing/sales
  • Finance/accounting


Meeting IT demands requires attention to these priorities:

  • Application services
  • Infrastructure services
  • Outsourcing services


The greatest impacts on these priorities:

  • Business intelligence (BI)
  • Cloud computing
  • Security
  • Shortage of IT workers


Over two-and-a-half times the leaders anticipate increases rather than decreases to their permanent and temporary workforces. They will also need increases in their budgets.

Nearly one-half (48 percent) expect increases in IT budget.

More than half (55 percent) expect to pay their IT professionals more.

And more than half (54 percent) are confident that their IT budgets will support their strategic needs.

But that means nearly 50 percent do not feel that way. The fate of IT and the business it supports hangs in a delicate balance.

To win in a competitive market, IT leaders must overcome these key challenges:

  • Acquire budget
  • Attract/retain/develop talent
  • Increase IT performance

The solution? TEKsystems.

TEKsystems’ deep insight enables us to help our clients achieve their business goals—while optimizing their IT workforce strategies. We provide IT staffing solutions, IT talent management expertise and IT services to help our clients plan, build and run their critical business initiatives.

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