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I ♥ My Recruiter

There are over 6,000 staffing companies operating more than 20,000 offices in the U.S. alone. Even so, IT consultants say good recruiters are hard to find. They value those recruiters who treat them right and care about advancing their best interests.

And the Survey Says

According to a recent TEKsystems survey of IT consultants, frequent conversations with their recruiters help consultants feel like they really have a career advocate; not just someone who put them in a job, but someone who is looking out for their best interests long-term.

The number one driver of consultant loyalty is a recruiter who communicates, specifically after the consultant has been placed and is working on the assignment. When asked to weigh the importance of various recruiter attributes, consultants assigned a weight of 25 percent (the highest) to “consistent contact after placement.” The next highest weight of 19% was allocated to “sincere interest in my career.” No other attribute received a weight over 10 percent.

Why Post-Placement Communication Is So Important

Address my concerns

One reason consultants desire such frequent communication is because if the recruiter learns that a consultant is unhappy, they can work together to rectify the situation before it compounds or becomes unbearable.

Another reason is that recruiters who keep in touch are more likely to correctly time the redeployment process. Finding another position is not an activity consultants want to perform reactively once one assignment is complete. Fearing loss of income and health benefits, most prefer to work proactively with their recruiters to secure their next assignment as their current assignment nears its finish date.

Give feedback

Co-employment issues restrict the client hiring managers’ ability to give performance feedback to temporary consultants. Therefore, if the staffing company fails to provide feedback to the consultant, then no one does. A consultant who is performing poorly might never know unless his recruiter provides feedback. Conversely, a high-performing consultant may never receive recognition for his contributions. In either case, problems arise. The poor performer continues to be unsuccessful, while the high performer becomes more likely to jump ship in hopes of finding another position where his work is more valued.

Answer questions

Consultants may have questions regarding onboarding, benefits and payroll that the recruiter must answer. Recruiters that can provide timely and accurate answers for their consultants will be valued over recruiters who cannot.


A true partnership is not a “one and done experience.” It requires ongoing collaboration between a recruiter and a consultant to be most successful. Both parties will mutually benefit when communication is open, honest, and timely.

TEKsystems's Survey

TEKsystems, the leading provider of IT staffing and services, surveys its customer and consultant populations annually to better understand drivers of satisfaction and identify areas for improvement. The extensive surveys were developed by TEKsystems and conducted by an independent research firm through a web survey. More than 1,600 buyers and nearly 6,000 consultants from across the United States and Canada responded.