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Tech Takedown winner

Technology Takedown:
The final battle

July 10, 2017

By Jason Hayman

After eight long weeks, the bytes and dust have settled. Each week you voted and a new winner emerged in the battle for supremacy in the ultimate technology takedown. Who emerged victorious? Before we crown our champion, let’s look back at the path that led to fortune and glory.

Week 1: Alan Turing vs. Ada Lovelace
One would think a pioneer in artificial intelligence would have seen the world’s first computer programmer coming, but one would be wrong. In Week 1 Ada Lovelace deprogrammed Alan Turing in our first takedown.

Week 2: Curiosity Rover vs. electric car
In Week 2 NASA’s Curiosity Rover went up against the electric car to find out once and for all who made the bigger impact on technology. While the electric car lugged a hulking battery into battle, the Curiosity Rover was armed to the teeth, equipped with a slew of gadgets and gizmos, not to mention an army of 3.7 million Twitter followers. The electric car seemed overmatched to the say the least, but like Muhammad Ali in the Rumble in the Jungle, the electric car floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee on its way to victory.

Week 3: Grace Hopper vs. Tim Berners-Lee
Week 3 pitted the father of the internet, Tim Berners-Lee, against the mother of computing, Grace Hopper. COBOL vs. HTML doesn’t seem like much of a fight and Grace handily prevailed.

Week 4: Floppy disc vs. smartphone
Depending on the generation you hail from, Week 4’s bout evoked feelings of nostalgia or bewilderment. (Yes, kids, 80 kilobytes on an 8-inch disc was impressive for its time). The floppy disk was sent to the mat against the now ubiquitous smartphone. Spoiler alert, nostalgia didn’t fare so well as the smartphone, which convincingly trounced the floppy disk.

Humanity vs. technology

In weeks 5-8, we pitted the tech winners against the humans who created technology. Here's what you picked. 

Week 5: Electric car vs. Ada Lovelace
As we moved into the semi-finals, the battle of mind vs. machine started to heat up. In Week 5, Ada Lovelace battled the electric car. Could Ada harness every ounce of her programming prowess to take down the formidable electric car? The electric car had just a little too much eco-power for Ada, proving in this case, machine over (wo-)man. 

Week 6: Smartphone vs. Grace Hopper
In Week 6 Grace Hopper took on a machine that Americans check 9 billion times a day, the smartphone. We’re supposed to be unbiased during the Takedown, but we admit to pulling for Grace in this battle. But the smartphone just proved too much for the cunning COBOL trailblazer.

And the winner is... 

Week 7: Electric car vs. smartphone
The Technology Takedown finals witnessed an epic battle of machine vs. machine. Which innovation would prevail? In a tight battle, one that might have had a different outcome in a few years, the smartphone triumphed over the electric car. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll catch up on the news, do some shopping and check the weather on my … well, never mind. 

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