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Curiosity Rover vs. the electric car illustration

Technology Takedown 2:
Curiosity Rover vs. the electric car

June 3, 2017

By TEKsystems

Curiosity Rover 

With a mission to determine whether Mars ever was capable of supporting life, NASA's Curiosity Rover discovered that fresh water once flowed on the planet. More surprisingly, the robotic rover produced evidence that Mars had the right chemistry to support life at some point, although it currently emits an unacceptable level of radiation for humans. Curiosity, which is about the same size as a small SUV, has a robotic arm and full suite of specialized tools and instruments to gather and analyze specimens.

Fun fact: @MarsCuriosity has 3.7 million Twitter followers…impressive, although this following is a fraction of any of the Kardashian sisters'. Good news, bad news?

Electric Car

Though many people don't realize it, electric cars first appeared in the early 19th century. Various models faced a series of steep challenges that kept them off the roads for another 50 years, such as batteries that couldn’t be recharged, batteries so heavy they prevented the car from driving, batteries that couldn’t withstand cold weather...

A series of innovations in batteries and electric motors helped inventors introduce commercially available electric cars in 1897, with a tiny fleet of cabs in New York. However, the introduction of mass-produced combustion engine cars, which sold for about half the price of electric ones, virtually drove electric vehicles out of production by 1935. Gas shortages in the 1970s jumpstarted (cough) interest in electric cars again.

Fun fact: Good friends Thomas Edison and Henry Ford collaborated to try to invent a cheap electric car, but eventually abandoned the project after several setbacks.

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