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software engineering upskilling

Free training spotlight:
Software engineering

December 26, 2017

By Jordan Schwartz

We’re rounding out our 2017 training spotlights by looking onward and upward to 2018. Which skill sets are expected to be in demand? Which IT roles are predicted to be hardest to fill? How long will it take George R.R. Martin to finish Winds of Winter?

Each year, TEKsystems polls IT leaders to get the lowdown on these questions. Well, not the Game of Thrones one. That's impossible to predict.

The outcome of our poll? Software engineers are at the top of the IT leaders' most wanted list, especially ones with DevOps skills. Not only that, but they are one of the most difficult roles to find. What does this mean for you? Advancing your career might just mean spending a little less time drinking eggnog over the holidays and a bit more preparing to become the mythical IT unicorn companies are clamoring to hire.

TEKsystems offers our current consultants a whole slew of free training to upskill in your field. Through our partnership with Skillsoft, you can access over 5,000 courses through your Community profile. If you haven't accessed the portal yet and need help, ask your recruiter to re-send your unique login.

Below is our roundup of the Skillsoft software development course offerings. Maybe something will pique your interest:

Is Java your calling?

  • Java SE7 Fundamentals
  • Developing Applications Using Java Spring
  • Java Hibernate
  • Java SE 8 Fundamentals
  • Java SE 8 Programming
  • Defensive Programming in Java
  • Java EE 7 Back-end Server Application Development

Perhaps you’d like to refresh on generic languages?

  • Ruby On Rails
  • Working with Clojure
  • Programming with ANSI C
  • Introduction to Scala
  • C++ Institute Certified Professional Programmer
  • C++ Certified Associate Programmer
  • C++ Programming

 Or, you can always go back to the basics with these software development principles:

  • Agile Software Development
  • Advanced Scrum
  • Software Practices
  • Agile Software Testing
  • Kanban Fundamentals

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