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Data science in R

Sept. 5, 2017

By Jordan Schwartz

R is hot in the data science world right now. No, not 'R' the rating on racy movies. We’re talking about the programming language that has become a must-have tool for modern data science and business intelligence. Why is it so popular, you ask?

For starters, R is 100 percent free and open source. It focuses on better, user-friendly data analysis, statistics and graphical models. It’s also extremely easy to use complex formulas in R. All kinds of statistical tests and models are readily available and straightforward.

Another plus? R is rapidly expanding into the enterprise market after being primarily used in academics and research.

One other thing… R has a huge community with support from all angles: mailing lists, user-contributed documentation and super active Stack Overflow members.

If you’re not convinced yet, TEKsystems makes it super easy to learn R if you’re a current consultant. We offer a thousands of free classes through our partnership with Skillsoft: over 5,000 courses and 37,000 videos. You can access these courses, as well as information about your current assignment and all TEKsystems job opportunities (over 3X what we post publicly), through your Community profile. If you haven't accessed the portal yet and need help, ask your recruiter to re-send your unique login.

R classes include:

  • Introduction to R Programming
  • Fundamental Methods for Data Science in R
  • Machine Learning Examples for Data Science in R

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