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Female working with an IT recruiter to help her career

4 ways working with a recruiter can grow your IT career

March 7, 2016

By Lisa Dare

By and large, IT professionals are an adventurous lot. Even when you’re enjoying enviable career success, you often hear the call of other challenges and opportunities. If that sounds like you, partnering with an IT recruiter might be the best way to advance your career in 2016.

How can an IT recruiter help you?  

1. Career coaching

Experienced recruiters and account managers (the sales part of the team) can offer real insight into how to break into a different industry, what types of skills you should add to your quiver and whether you’d be happy in a managerial role.

2. Marketing your intangibles

Most of the time, what companies are really looking for in a candidate doesn’t make it into the job description. But unless you have a connection to the company, the job description is all you have to work with.

“Tech background and skills are important, but particularly with permanent hires, a manager wants to know what else a person brings to the table. They want to see someone who can grow within the organization, add new skills and take work in new directions. And the attitude: does it fit with the organization?” says Chris Fripp, a Direct Placement account manager with TEKsystems.

Know you can do a certain job but don’t have the exact background the hiring manager seeks? Invest in creating a real relationship with your recruiter, who can understand the special things you bring to the table, and how that fits in with a hiring manager’s needs.

3. Intimate knowledge about the job market in your area

An IT recruiter is probably the single best source of knowledge about tech jobs in your area—go ahead and ask them if you have questions. They know which employers and industries are growing, which pay the best or offer the most work-life balance, and where the skills gaps are, and they’re happy to share this information with interested job seekers. 

4. Resume feedback

Finally, when you’re ready to start looking, you need a top-tier resume and LinkedIn profile. Who better than a recruiter—who sees loads of resumes in your field and hears what hiring managers think of them—to help you craft an effective resume? They can offer the outside and professional perspective you need. 

Lisa Dare is a writer for TEKsystems who loves learning about IT from some of the smartest folks in the industry. She frequently blogs about IT careers, talent management and tech culture. Follow her on Twitter to keep up with TEKsavvy blog content.

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