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Mr. Robot

Success: ‘Mr. Robot’ Season 2, Episode 8

Our recap and review

August 26, 2016

By Katherine Kozelski

Bonsoir, TEKsavvy blog readers. Before we start our recap, keep in mind that our Mr. Robot posts will be chock full of spoilers, so don’t read ahead unless you’re all caught up!

Something’s missing … but what is it? This is the first episode where we don't see a single scene with Elliot or Mr. Robot.

The episode starts at the fsociety headquarters, the home of E Corp’s lawyer, Susan Jacobs. Many of us have been wondering if she'd ever return. Who abandons their custom smart home for months just because of a few software glitches? Well, it turns out Susan decided tonight was the night to return from her other home in Greenwich. Poor girl, slumming it out in Connecticut.

In a complete panic after Susan sees everything—the masks, the cameras, the computers—the fsociety crew ties Susan up in her indoor pool to buy time to come up with a plan. Trenton goes to check on Susan, who then blames the 5/9 attacks on ISIS because Trenton is Muslim. Wrong move, Susan, wrong move. Trenton throws her up against a brick wall and knocks her out. Darlene tries to talk with Susan once she wakes up, but the conversation turns sour when Darlene suddenly shocks Susan with a taser gun and she falls into the pool and drowns.

Meanwhile, Angela has one of the most miserable, unpatriotic Fourth of July celebrations ever. While on a date at a karaoke bar, she runs into one of her dad’s old friends. The friend tries to shame her for working at E Corp, but have no fear; Dark Angela knows how to insult a guy like the best of ‘em. With one too many drinks in her, Angela then ditches her date for a much older gentleman at the bar. As for the mystery date? It turns out he works for the FBI and has been trying to gather intel from Angela.

With one more thing to cover up—and this is a big one—Darlene and Cisco take Susan’s body to the pet crematory where they usually burn their hard drives. Meanwhile, Mobley and Trenton return to their respected homes, where paranoia sets in. Mobley starts to pack his things to escape when he receives knock at the door from the FBI. It turns out Dom and the FBI know he’s connected to fsociety and that he was at the end-of-the-world party, but they don’t realize how involved he was in the 5/9 attacks. After the FBI lets him go to prevent any more bad press, Mobley is ready to disappear. After disposing of the evidence of Susan Jacobs, Darlene sleeps over at Cisco’s house. While he’s in the shower, she discovers on his computer that he’s been communicating with the Dark Army about her whereabouts. She immediately destroys his laptop and then attacks him with a baseball bat.

It was quite the episode for Darlene, who now has one murder under her belt and a whole lot of cybercrime to cover up. Will Elliot come back next episode after he’s released from prison? Stay tuned.

Did we even miss Elliot, or did Darlene hold her own?

Cam: Elliot didn’t make an appearance—and it wasn’t the end of the world. However, he wasn't even mentioned. Usually, when a headlining character in any show is missing from an episode, that episode revolves around why said character isn't there. The whole episode I found myself concerned about Elliot and how he needed to be there to fix everything. Wait a second, I was looking for Elliot to stabilize the situation? Uh oh.

Darlene's story isn't doing much for me, but it did a good job of showing how out of control things become when other motives creep into fsociety's plan. Maybe all Darlene wanted was the opportunity to destroy and/or kill "Madame Executioner." I do hold hope that she becomes a more impactful character.

Kelly: I think Darlene's story line is really fascinating! fsociety's plans are clearly driven by personal motives for both Elliot and Darlene, but the show previously portrayed Darlene as more just going along with it, and when Elliott was incarcerated they made it seem like she was just scraping by, making decisions for the group to just try and keep it alive. I like the fact that they're showing she has her own agency and can manipulate situations just as much as Elliott. You can also see that in the way she's manipulating Angela as well.

Katherine: Elliot’s absence was a much-needed break for me. After last week’s explosive revelations, I needed to focus on another storyline and stay in reality. I agree with Kelly in that Darlene is starting to settle into her leadership role since Elliot has been in jail and she’s actually making decisions, maybe not the best ones, but she seems to have a plan. I’m excited to see Elliot out and about next week (hopefully) and see if Darlene lets him know what happened with Susan and Cisco.

Regan: So, I was wondering when Susan would return. How much time has passed? It seemed like forever, but in Mr. Robot time it was probably just a week. I'm glad we now know the tie to why Susan's house was targeted; nothing is accidental on this show.

David: So Elliot takes an episode off and the wheels come flying off the wagon. Now that Darlene is a murderer, what happens? At this point in the game she will have the FBI and Whiterose on her tail. It’s too obvious to think the Whiterose is behind Romero’s death, Tyrell’s disappearance and all the other strange goings on. I’m convinced that there’s a third or fourth party involved. Either that, or one the many characters has a secret agenda.

A Dark Angela rabbit hole

David: Speaking of hidden agendas, what’s to become of Angela? To be honest, I like the new boldness but I’m just not sure where it’s going. Is she going to sleep her way to the top to bring down the players who killed her mother, or will she overplay her hand and get snagged by Dom, Whiterose or  the jealous ex-lover? Speaking of Dom, I was shocked the guy Angela met at the bar was an agent sent by Dom to keep an eye on her. I was even more surprised that he got his feeling hurts when Angela dumped him (what a punk).

Kelly: Angela is in such a strange place right now. She seems so lost, so sad and yet there's still fire and grit there. I feel like Darlene has decided to sacrifice Angela, but I think Elliott will save her in the end (keeping our fairy tale themes going).

Regan: Dark Angela, while unknowingly on a date with an FBI informant, sings "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" in the most melancholy way possible. It was great seeing her response to the family friend at the bar. She puts him in his place and moves immediately onto the next guy at the bar. Who, according to the informant’s report back to the FBI, she ends up leaving with.

Katherine: I can’t wait to see what happens with this older gentleman from the bar. I immediately recognized him as Duck from Mad Men, so he has to have a larger role and most likely ulterior motives. Also, can we discuss why all these people are at work or weird karaoke bars with coworkers on the 4th of July? I guess this isn’t the most all-American show since they’re trying to take down the government and whatnot.

Follow us next week as the theories continue and Sam Esmail’s complex web of characters confuses us all. Have any theories of your own or want to join us in conversation? Comment below.

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