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Mr. Robot

Logic Bomb: ‘Mr. Robot’ Season2, Episode 5

Our recap and review

August 5, 2016

By TEKsystems

Bonsoir, TEKsavvy blog readers. Before we start our recap, keep in mind that our Mr. Robot posts will be chock full of spoilers, so don’t read ahead unless you’re all caught up!

This week’s episode opens with Elliott in a not-so-familiar place as of late: in front of computer screen. As we witnessed last week, Elliot has succumbed to pressure from Ray, Mr. Robot and Darleen to return to hacking. While Elliot does his best to back up Ray’s systems, he gets a helping hand from the former sysadmin, er, “IT guy.” A secret Notepad conversation between the two reveals that Ray is actually hosting the online dark market, selling everything from narcotics and weapons to prostitutes. Elliot shouldn’t have asked questions.

Our favorite creepy character, Joanna Wellick, goes above and beyond this week when she confronts the parking lot attendant who found Elliot in Tyrell’s car after the 5/9 attack. She’s been paying him off to keep quiet, but as he gets more and more paranoid, she decides it’s time for him to go. Her loyal bodyguard/driver/hitman follows her specific instructions to kill the attendant by paralyzing him then shooting him so he can watch and die with answers. Wow. As if you didn’t already know, don’t mess with the Wellicks.

FBI agent Dom DiPierro and her team head to Beijing to work with Chinese security agents to learn more about the Chinese hackers involved in the 5/9 attack. In the biggest twist of them all, the Chinese security secretary, Mr. Jung, moonlights as the leader of the Dark Army, Whiterose! At a welcome party for the FBI, Mr. Jung gives Dom a brief tour of his living quarters, including a creepy clock room that contains a couple dozen working clocks and his sister’s room. The two pause in front of a wardrobe containing rare traditional Chinese dresses that belong to his sister. But: Mr. Jung does not have a sister. This leaves us wondering: Will Whiterose reveal himself to Dom?

As this episode comes to a close, Darleen asks Angela to use her position at E Corp for the benefit of fsociety. She is asked to drop off a listening device in the FBI’s offices, which just so happen to be located on a different floor in E Corp’s building. Hmm, wonder if they got a discount on rent? Anyway, Angela needs some persuading from Elliot and threatening from Darleen, but it looks like we’ll see the drop-off next week.

And in a bit of a cliffhanger, we learn why Elliot shouldn’t have asked questions about Ray’s business. The episode ends with two of Ray’s thugs beating up Elliot. While we know he’ll still be alive next week, we have to wonder how Ray will use Elliot in the future, and how Elliot will balance everything now that he’s back to hacking.

Stay tuned friends, it’s just getting good.

Who doesn’t love a good plot twist?

Kelly: The fairy tale vibe continues! This is the stand-out scene for me this week: Dom goes traipsing through the mansion and finds the secret room where the master's secrets are hidden; both of the horological and haute couture variety (Google it). Why did he choose to show her so much of his other identity? They seemed to have a moment of real connection. Is it because he's trying to recruit her? Because she's already on his side? And then the clock chimes 12 and it's time for them to leave before their limos turn into pumpkins.

Cam: Why did Whiterose offer so much information? He had to know the FBI would realize he didn't have a sister. It could explain the attack on the FBI agents at the end. He had to clean up loose ends, but we won't know until next week. AHHHHH!

Katherine: Whiterose revealed way too much, but she’s smarter than all of us so there’s definitely a plan in the works. Plus, we have to remember Whiterose is also working with Mr. Price, so what’s going to happen there?

Regan: So many questions from this scene. Is the Chinese security agency teaming up with the Dark Army or are they investigating them? Whiterose seems to take a liking to Dom; does she think she can be an ally or foe? What was with him kicking her out at midnight; is that his witching hour?

Kelly: Whiterose forgetting the FBI would know he had a sister and then covering it up with a blood bath seems a little extreme to me. Maybe he let down his guard and gave the obvious lie because he assumed she'd be dead the next day if the attack was already planned?

Katherine: Ah, I forgot about the shooting in China! Whiterose had to have planned it, but I’m still not sure if it’s because she revealed too much to Dom or if the FBI knew too much in general.

Is Dark Angela getting ahead of herself?

Cam: Oh hey, Angela is a part of fsociety now? I'm not sure if that was a bad move on Darlene's part or a brilliant plan, but Angela now knows the main players in fsociety and where they are currently stationed. I can't wait to see this develop.

Regan: What happened to Angela's ex that he is so freaked out and recording conversations? Is he working with the FBI or Price? I was also glad to see Angela finally visit Elliott, but she's not 100 percent glad to have Darlene visit her. But since she works for Evil Corp this may be a good play? She should be careful it; seems Price has his caught his eye, a fact that may bite Angela in the you-know-what.

Kelly: I liked the scene with Angela and Elliott, too. You can see they can let down their guard with each other and they seemed almost playful. You can see a glimpse of what they might’ve been to one another as children. What do they mean to each other now?

Dom and Elliot

Cam: I'm starting to see a pattern of similarity emerge between Elliot and Dom. They both suffer from social anxiety, are genius-level at their chosen professions, and are seemingly lone wolves. Now ... they’re both being attacked! What the what?!?! Are they shaping them up to be predominant adversaries?

Kelly: I love the idea of a cyber battle royale between Dom and Elliot, but I feel like they're setting them up to become accomplices somehow. Or unwilling allies.

Katherine: I agree with Kelly, I think they’re going to end up working together. Remember when she said why she became an FBI agent when talking with Whiterose? She and Elliot both can’t stand bad people in society, so they have a common mission.

Lesson learned: Don’t mess with Ray

Regan: Elliott's hacking gets him in trouble again, he just can't help himself. I like that he hacks for good, not evil (no pun intended). Not sure where Ray fits in to all of this, it seemed he was Elliot's case worker, but now I'm not sure what I think. What will Ray's "boys" do to him? Was it a dream or reality?

Cam: I knew Ray was too nice not to be evil. And now I’m feeling Elliot should’ve actually listened to Mr. Robot for once. Elliot can't miss an opportunity to turn in crooked people. However, Ray is a horrific monster compared to the other personal hacks Elliot conducted to expose the less virtuous. I'm curious/frightened about where this is leading. While it seems Elliot got kidnapped and beaten, I'm still curious where this actually occurred. Is he is a mental facility or any facility? I am positive he is. So, how does one actually get kidnapped in such a place, and how are these beatings occurring in what should be a secure place? Wait ... is this a halfway home that Ray operates? Holy moly!

Holy moly is right. Follow us next week as the theories continue and Sam Esmail’s complex web of characters confuses us all. Have any theories of your own or want to join us in conversation? Comment below.

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