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Mr. Robot

Python Part 2: ‘Mr. Robot’ Season 2, Episode 12

Our recap and review

September 23, 2016

By Katherine Kozelski

Bonsoir, TEKsavvy blog readers. Before we start our final recap of the season, keep in mind that our Mr. Robot posts are chock full of spoilers, so don’t read ahead unless you’re all caught up!

Warning: All your questions will not be answered. In true Mr. Robot fashion, we are left with cliffhangers and confusion in the season finale. This week’s episode starts with Darlene in FBI custody, being interrogated by Dom. As she repeats her Fifth Amendment right to refuse to answer questions, we learn Cisco died during the Dark Army shoot-out. Despite Dom’s attempts to bond with Darlene as a fellow Jersey girl, Darlene sticks to her guns (no pun intended) and refuses to admit to anything. Dom then reveals her mountain of evidence, including the video camera, bullet casing and fsociety mask. Still getting nowhere, Dom leads Darlene to the FBI’s investigative war room, which has a huge map of every character involved in the 5/9 hacks … all leading to Elliot and Tyrell Wellick.

Speaking of Tyrell, after confronting Elliot last week about Phase 2, Tyrell brings Elliot to the safe house where all the planning has happened. As Elliot hesitantly follows Tyrell into an abandoned warehouse with flickering lights, Tyrell realizes Elliot has no recollection of what he’s set up for Phase 2. Since Mr. Robot has taken over all the planning, Elliot sits down at a computer to discover a lethal plan. If it goes through, the second stage of the 5/9 attacks will blow up the building that houses all E Corp’s incriminating files—and the people who work there.

Remember all of those gifts Joanna has been receiving which we thought were clues from Tyrell? Well, it turns out vengeful E Corp CTO Scott Knowles has been sending them all along. Joanna goes to Scott’s house to confront him, and in a drunken rage he beats the crap out of her, and she’s left on the floor barely breathing as Scott dials 911. A little later, we find out Joanna, although bloodied and bruised, still has the frame of mind to meet up with her boy toy from earlier in the season. She starts working with him on a plan to get back at Scott by framing him for murdering his wife. Will they get their story straight?

Back at the Phase 2 safe house, Elliot panics as he realizes what he (Mr. Robot) and Tyrell have planned. Sticking to his moral high ground, Elliot refuses to let Tyrell follow through with the plans and starts to delete the malware. Just as Elliot starts to enter his code, Tyrell pulls out a gun and points it at Elliot. Similar to what we thought last week, Elliot refuses to believe Tyrell is real—instead he thinks Mr. Robot and Tyrell are figments of his imagination and can’t really harm him. With this in mind, Elliot turns back to the computer and Tyrell shoots the gun. Elliot looks down to see blood on his hands, and falls to the ground. Can this be real?

Just when we thought we couldn’t handle any more shockers, we’re taken to Angela’s apartment as she receives a call from Tyrell. She lets him know he can speak because “they” told her it was a secure line. Tyrell tells her what happened with Elliot and she seems understanding. The phone call ends with Angela telling Tyrell to stay put because she should be the first person Elliot sees when he wakes up.

We mustn’t forget the post-credits scene. We finally catch up Mobley and Trenton, who are now living in the suburbs using different names and working at an electronics store. Apparently, Trenton has stumbled onto something “interesting” dealing with the 5/9 attacks that no one else is aware of. She and Mobley start to figure out how they can turn things around in the world when all of the sudden Leon interrupts them.


Let’s start with that ending … Um, what?!?

Katherine: Wait a second … is Dark Angela really running this whole thing?? Is Dark Angela in charge of the Dark Army? I’m very concerned that my conspiracy theory from last week about Tyrell being another figment of Elliot’s imagination is exactly what Elliot thought. This Sam Esmail has me going crazy!

David: This is a complete 180 from when we last saw Angela locked in the fish tank room with Whiterose and the little girl. Again, we’re left with more questions than answers. What did Whiterose tell Angela? What’s Angela’s new role? What will become of Elliot, Mr. Robot and Tyrell? Will The Dark Army still go through with Phase 2? Guess we’ll have to wait for Mr. Robot 3.0, damnit!

Cam: Now I’m curious about how dialed in Angela has been this whole time. She seemed very in control when she was talking to the defense attorney and at the end of the finale when she was walking Tyrell off the ledge after shooting Elliot. Is Whiterose that good at manipulation that she got Angela on board that quickly? This whole season Angela's been flipped on multiple sides (fsociety, E Corp, and Dark Army). What is her actual agenda?

Kelly: I agree with Cam: it seems Price and Whiterose are now at odds, trying to out-maneuver each other, but what's the end goal? We're still no closer to understanding what is at Whiterose's "plant" other than Angela's mom and Elliot's dad were somehow a part of it, and somehow sacrificed themselves for the greater good. If Phase 2 is Whiterose's play, then what does she hope to gain from destroying ownership of property? How will she take advantage of that?

What's next for Darlene and Angela?

David: Now that she’s seen the trail of bodies associated with the 5/9 attack and how important she is to the entire scheme, will she break, confess and cooperate, or will she stay the strong silent type and go to jail for the rest of her life? With the way this season has gone I’m not even going to offer a guess as to what will happen. Maybe the Dark Army will come to her rescue, maybe Darlene has an ace up her sleeve to turn the tide … or maybe none of it really happened.

Kelly: Ahh, Angela. What did she learn in the weird fish room!?! Whatever it was, she's on the inside now and I can't wait to see how this plays out—will she tell Elliot the final agenda (assuming she knows it?) How will he react? Will whatever she knows be enough to convince him to cooperate?

Katherine: I’m thinking Darlene starts playing a double agent for the FBI and for fsociety. I know it won’t happen, but how else is she going to get out of this mess? She's shocked that all the strings led to Tyrell, but she’ll never turn her back on Elliot. And Angela … what’s up, boss lady? After Whiterose tells Angela it's her destiny to be involved, I think she’s ready to use her position in E Corp to work with the Dark Army.

Final thoughts

Kelly: I'm not sure why I think this, maybe my mind has just tied itself in knots trying to figure this out, but I am more and more convinced this whole show is like some sort of "What if we remade The Matrix but made it about real hackers and mental illness, and class warfare and stuff?" Not sure where I'm going with this other than the show has always been surreal. Nothing is what it seems, your own mind can't be trusted, etc. This season, obviously, has been especially heavy on this trend and has thrown in the fairytale aspect of Elliot, Darlene and Angela being the children lost in the woods trying to follow the breadcrumbs out. What if none of the show is real, not just what we think is in Elliot's mind? What if I'm not real? Ahhh!

Thanks for following along with us this season! Have any theories of your own or want to join us in conversation? Comment below.

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