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Python: ‘Mr. Robot’ Season 2, Episode 11

Our recap and review

September 16, 2016

By Katherine Kozelski

Bonsoir, TEKsavvy blog readers. Before we start our recap, keep in mind that our Mr. Robot posts will be chock full of spoilers, so don’t read ahead unless you’re all caught up!

Mind awake, body asleep. Mind awake, body asleep. This episode opens with Elliot fighting between his human urge to sleep and the push from Mr. Robot to keep working on Phase 2, whatever that may be. Elliot and Mr. Robot have now switched roles. Mr. Robot doesn’t notice Elliot because Mr. Robot is Elliot and Elliot is Mr. Robot. Elliot has now given in to Mr. Robot and lets him make all the decisions.

In last week’s episode, Angela was confronted by two strangers on the subway. This week she is taken hostage, forced into an overnight road trip in the back of a van headed to a mysterious suburban location. Angela is then locked in a dark room furnished only with a fish tank, a desk with a vintage computer and rotary telephone, and that “hang in there” cat poster that graces the ceiling of possibly every dentist’s office in America.

As Angela’s panic sets in, things keep getting weirder. A little girl, dressed just like Angela in a professional suit, enters the room. She sits behind the desk, pushes a floppy disk into the computer and says, “We should get started.” Here come the questions. The little girl appears to be facilitating some sort of psychological evaluation of Angela, asking random questions about her life, comparing colors and animals and hypothetical scenarios. Angela refuses to answer questions, so the little girl, lifting her shirt to reveal bruises and scars on her back, says that if Angela doesn’t answer, the girl will continue to get beaten. Eventually, Angela gives in and answers the little girl’s questions while the water level in the fish tank steadily decreases, giving a larger sense of urgency and dependency on Angela’s cooperation.

Meanwhile, we finally find out what happened to Dom after last week’s shootout. Disheveled and covered in blood, Dom is questioned in the hospital. She urges her partner to stop wasting time and take action immediately, or the Dark Army will continue to cause havoc. Too late. Dom’s partner informs her that China has just inked a no-interest loan to E Corp for $2 trillion.

Back at the suburban hostage house, the little girl’s questioning comes to an end and she ejects the floppy disk to gather the results. The little girl exits, leaving Angela alone. Angela’s next visitor is none other than Whiterose. Whiterose explains that this was a test of Angela’s empathy and gullibility. Angela says she will give Whiterose whatever she wants and won’t go to the cops with her files, but this isn’t what Whiterose wants. Whiterose wants to know if Angela is trustworthy and if she is able to believe in the mission. We’re next taken to Angela’s lawyer’s house, where Angela tells her lawyer to forget about their previous conversations about the files. Her lawyer, suspicious of the black Escalade waiting at the curb, asks Angela if she is OK. Angela’s only response: “Don’t call me,” as she walks away with a creepy smirk on her face.

We eventually catch up with Elliot as he’s following Mr. Robot through the streets. Elliot turns a corner, where a cab is waiting for him. After some hesitation, Elliot gets in and the driver asks for an address. Still confused, Elliot doesn’t know how to answer. And then the cab door slides open and Tyrell Wellick enters to give the driver the address. Rightfully so, Elliot freaks out, screaming at the driver to tell him if Tyrell is real. The driver doesn’t answer and kicks the two of them out of the cab. Tyrell does his best to calm down Elliot as the two walk off into the night.

Elliot, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship … or is it?

Instead of comments from the TEKsystems staff, this week we wanted to ask our readers some questions:

  • What’s the name of the vintage computer model used during Angela’s hostage scenes?
  • Are you a giraffe or a seagull?
  • We’re just as lost as Elliot when it comes to Tyrell. Do you think Tyrell is real or a figment of Elliot’s imagination?
  • Dom mentioned that two people died in last week’s Dark Army shoot-out; do you think Cisco and Darleen survived?

We’re interested in what you think—please leave your comments below!

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