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Mr. Robot

Hidden process: ‘Mr. Robot’ Season 2, Episode 10

Our recap and review

September 9, 2016

By Katherine Kozelski

Bonsoir, TEKsavvy blog readers. Before we start our recap, keep in mind that our Mr. Robot posts will be chock full of spoilers, so don’t read ahead unless you’re all caught up!

This week’s episode begins right where it left off last week as Joanna confronts Elliot on the street. After a number of empty clues and phone calls filled with heavy breathing, Joanna seeks Elliot’s help to find Tyrell. Ignoring Mr. Robot’s protests, Elliot relents and agrees to trace the phone Tyrell left for Joanna.

In one of the best hacking scenes so far, Elliot builds an elaborate antenna out of a Pringles can to steal Wi-Fi from his neighbors. A number of burner phones, an E Corp laptop and a fax machine later, Elliot successfully hacks into the NYPD database, pretends to be a cop and finds out the location of the cell phone. Joanna’s trusty bodyguard takes a picture of the address and says, “Trust me, he wouldn’t be calling from that house.” Hmm, where could he be hiding?

Next, answering many of our questions from last week’s episode, Darlene and Cisco are taking care of the person Cisco found at the E Corp lawyer’s apartment last week. It turns out this is the person Darlene assigned to run the Washington, D.C., branch of fsociety, but it looks like the Dark Army got to him. With the victim badly injured and going in and out of consciousness, Darlene and Cisco finally decide to take him to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Elliot and Angela finally meet on the subway. This is the first time they’ve seen each other or even spoken since Elliot’s release from prison. Playing up her doe-eyed innocence, Angela asks Elliot why he started fsociety. Before he can answer, she tells him that she’s turning herself in. She won’t give any other names, but this just can’t be on her conscience anymore and she can’t fight E Corp by herself. After one last goodbye and a kiss (oooh!), Elliot walks off the subway. Angela turns to wave and two people appear. Panic ensues.

This, my friends, is where it gets good—probably the quickest 30 minutes we’ve seen in Mr. Robot.

As we suspected, Agent Dom and the FBI have been hot on the trail of Darlene and Cisco. The FBI has finally found the smart house and a next-door neighbor provides a perfect sketch of Cisco that just so happens to match another sketch they have of him. Despite Dom’s warning not to splash the sketch all over the news because he’ll get killed, the FBI releases the image to the media. While Darlene and Cisco are grabbing a bite to eat, a doctor recognizes the image. The FBI arrives at the hospital to get more details about the two suspects and the patient. Dom, now solo, realizes the two must be out for a bite to eat and starts canvassing the neighborhood. She finally finds the diner and runs in to confront Darlene and Cisco just as a motorcycle speeds around the corner. A figure dressed in all black hops off the motorcycle with gun in hand and destroys the entire front of the diner.

What just happened?! NYPD squad cars speed to the scene just as the gunman kills himself. Dom runs out of the diner with her badge and gun waving in the air. And that’s how they end it. Who survived the most recent Dark Army showdown? Stay tuned for the final two episodes.

Different episode, same question: Is Tyrell alive?

Cam: OK … please tell me if Tyrell is alive or dead. I’ll feel a little let down and dragged through the mud if we find out he’s dead. I’m still holding on to the theory that Elliot is Tyrell.

David: To add to Elliot’s ongoing crisis, why has Mr. Robot disappeared now that Elliot is hot on the trail of Tyrell’s phone calls? Where is the location of the phone trace? If Tyrell is alive (and I think he is), is he hiding in plain sight at his own house or is that the office complex of E Corp? My guess is that he’s being protected by someone we know.

Katherine: Ready for my theory? I think Joanna and Tyrell might be one in the same. I’m not sure who the real one is yet, but someone might be a figment of Elliot’s imagination and the cellphone location is actually Joanna’s house and that’s why the bodyguard said Tyrell wouldn’t be calling from that address.

We did not see that ending coming

Cam: The Dark Army does not mess around! Big question is if Darlene is dead. I’m presuming Cisco is. What was Dom able to say during the couple seconds she was in there?

Katherine: I, too, want to know what Dom said to Darlene and Cisco in the diner. I hope next week’s episode gives us the view from inside the diner since we were watching on the outside this week. As soon as I saw that motorcycle come around the corner I knew it was bad news bears. What an ending!

David: With every action-packed intense thriller program you always have to prepare yourself for when one of the pivotal (and beloved) characters meets their demise. Perhaps this is the week where we say goodbye to Darlene. Just when you get an idea of how Darlene became who she is and her dependence on Elliot has made her somewhat vulnerable, there is a shootout in the diner. Of course, there’s a 50 percent chance she’s still alive, but with the way the season has gone, even if she’s dead, is she really? And what is Elliot to do if she’s dead? It seems like the shooting is only the tip of the iceberg.

One last question for our IT pros: Is that Pringles can trick real?

First off, why would you waste an entire can of chips? Elliot never eats, so he could have used a snack. Anyway, we’d love to hear from our IT pros if this trick could really work. Will everyone be stealing Wi-Fi from their neighbors now? Might be time to buy some stock in Pringles …

Follow us next week as the theories continue and Sam Esmail’s complex web of characters confuses us all. Have any theories of your own or want to join us in conversation? Comment below.

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