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TEKsystems staffers dish about ‘Mr. Robot’

July 8, 2016

By TEKsystems

This time last year TV audiences—tech-savvy and tech-averse alike—were allowed to peek into the fascinating world of computer hacking with the premiere of Mr. Robot. Unsuspecting tech-curious channel surfers may not have understood the technical complexities behind the programming-heavy plot, but the TEKsystems Marketing team felt like we were getting behind-the-scenes insights straight from our IT consultants.

First, we have to take our hats off to the Mr. Robot’s creator, Sam Esmail, for his impressive focus on real-world tech. Even our knowledgeable social media audience of IT pros agreed as they chimed in on our recent LinkedIn post asking if Mr. Robot was the first show to get real-world tech right:

Mr. Robot discussion

With Mr. Robot’s  deeply technical roots, compelling IT worker characters and plot lines that get more interesting the more you know about computing, we think it will be fun to recap each week’s episode, pose questions to readers and maybe add a few farfetched conspiracy theories (or not so farfetched; the writers predicted the Ashley Madison leak, after all).  

In the last episode we see Tyrell Wellick’s wife Joanna, whose brief interaction with Elliot left viewers questioning her involvement in Tyrell’s disappearance.

David: I think Tyrell’s wife killed him … she’s creepy.

Katherine: She is very creepy and suspicious! I think it’s on purpose—she has a lot more to do with the company than we think.

Kelly: Did anyone else notice the weird thing that happened with her face? I thought I was going crazy at first but I backed up the scene to watch again and the editors definitely manipulated it. I love how the show puts in subtle tricks to make us feel the paranoia and insanity Elliot deals with.

IT pros: Can you weigh in on the show’s technical accuracy?

Cam: I'm curious about the level of accuracy that the coding represents. I know people are doing screen captures to see if the coding is bunk. How plausible is this level of hacking in the real world?

Kelly: Server farms seem like weird places, I wonder how often people are actually visiting them?

Katherine: I’m requesting a field trip. Research purposes.

Ready for a few conspiracy theories?

Cam: Elliott is actually working for Evil Corp (or the higher powers at E Corp) without knowing it to knock out the current financial structure and establish a new financial paradigm. While the sheep are being herded into a "new revolution," the 1 percent of the 1 percent are busy creating a more sophisticated way to make even more money. Boom!

Kelly: I also thought at the end of season 1 that Tyrell and his wife were essentially the real F Society, that is that Elliot had inadvertently been used as a pawn by E Corp and other evil 1 percenters, and that Tyrell was trying to take them down from inside as part of another group.

Have any theories or comments of your own? While we all wait patiently for Mr. Robot to reboot, please join the conversation in the comments.

Meet our Mr. Robot commentators

Kelly Martinez is the digital marketing manager for TEKsystems. When she's not reading up on digital transformation or content marketing, you'll find her knitting socks or debating GOT time travel theories.

David Arthur is a senior Sitecore administrator. When he grows up he wants to an intergalactic sheriff or a bartender in Butte, Montana.

Cameron Chesnik is the proposal manager for TEKsystems. In his spare time he’s most likely managing a proposal … on his bike in search of the perfect cup of coffee.

Katherine Kozelski is a digital media specialist focusing on social media and email marketing. In her spare time, Katherine enjoys all things pop culture, cooking, traveling and playing with her black lab, Remy.

Regan Weldy is the design manager for TEKsystems. When not watching TV, she can be found doing any number of things: cooking, home improvement projects, reconstructing furniture, stalking interior design trends on Pinterest, sewing, crafting or just enjoying a cold craft brew.

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