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marketing technology landscape

Out-of-control martech market shows signs of consolidating

May 2, 2016

By Lisa Dare

You can breathe a sigh of relief. While CMOS report they’re drowning in marketing technology—and new offerings appear almost daily—there are signs the martech ecosystem may look much simpler soon.

Martech consolidates, expands and baffles

CIOs and CMOs disagree about just how much they can feasibly integrate data from various platforms. With new martech tools proliferating like bunnies—3,874 offerings and counting—the martech options have created a dual problem of data overload and lack of integration.

A few major players are making major investments (often acquisitions) likely to lead to integrated martech, adtech and CRM that will deliver the simplicity, utility—and most importantly, revenue—promised. That should translate to martech that’s more valuable—and more manageable for your CIO.

  • Salesforce acquired deep learning startup MetaMind in April. The company boasts some of the leading minds in AI and strong expertise in natural language processing, i.e., understanding language as a human does. Salesforce is integrating the services into its own platform, likely to advance BI capabilities and automate and personalize the customer experience.


  • Oracle has invested at least $3 billion in purchasing data and martech software firms in the last few years.
  • Notable acquisitions include Eloqua, which made cloudbased marketing automation software, and Datalogix, which reports on in-store purchases to help companies understand the connection between their efforts and offline sales.


  • Marketo, a recent but well-known upstart, has nabbed IBM Analytics’ chief technology officer to up its personalization game with sophisticated predictive analytics.


  • Adobe is making a bold move to combine data about users—regardless of which device they’re using—into a unified view of a person. This plan will rely on Adobe’s analytics clients opting in to share data, which Adobe will aggregate and blind, then share with other clients to aid their understanding of how users interact with multiple touchpoints.
  • Adobe is partnering with TV and online ratings company comScore to enhance its marketing analytics offerings.


  • IBM is moving to create a marketing platform that integrates its various tools, which would push it closer to providers like Adobe and Salesforce. The company hired former AOL President Bob Lord to speed this process. Lord will focus some of his attention on enabling the outside developer community to integrate IBM’s various martech products,  
  • Like Oracle and Adobe, IBM is working to integrate data about specific persons from multiple sources.

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