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IT worker stresses

What’s stressing out IT workers lately?

Surprising results from our annual Stress and Pride survey

June 3, 2016

By Nate Bowen

Our recent Stress and Pride survey shows workloads and demands jumped from No.3 last year to the top spot as IT workers' biggest stressor. We think as IT grows in importance and spreads throughout every aspect of business, IT pros from entry-level to senior are working hard to maintain newly implemented tech initiatives. They’re also getting lots of requests from other departments for additional applications and support.

The good (and kind of weird) news is that the increased workloads aren’t causing more stress. The last couple of years we've seen a shift from lots of big tech implementations—always a major source of stress—to  a more maintenance-driven “keeping the lights on” work rhythm. Increased staffing levels also help reduce worker stress.

Finally, a real vacation for IT

Speaking of new friends at work, more IT pros report they feel comfortable unplugging while on vacation than in recent years, with less than one-quarter saying they check in with work at least a little to alleviate that “I have 2,000 emails to read on Monday” stress. And with more cooks in the kitchen, IT pros may feel the workload is distributed evenly enough that they can detach without worrying about what they’ll be coming back to. Additionally, nearly three-quarters of all IT pros, from entry to senior level, report they are expected to be available only during reasonable hours during the work week.

Pride and optimism are high, but satisfaction eludes some

If you could do it all over, would you still pick a career in IT? Eighty-four percent of IT pros surveyed would, but nearly a quarter report they’re not satisfied with the work they’re currently doing. Their reasons probably vary, but the lack of new IT initiatives might be a culprit, as IT workers aren’t happy unless they’re getting their hands dirty with new tech.

Is the trade-off fair? Would you take easier but less satisfying work, or would you prefer the high demands and professional satisfaction that go hand-in-hand with the latest tech innovations? Tell us in the comments where you stand!

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Nate Bowen heads up public relations for TEKsystems. He’s constantly looking at the shifting tech landscape and how people’s relationship to technology changes with it. He can be reached at

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