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IT Direct Placement Snapshot: The road less traveled

January 19, 2016

By Lisa Dare

Mike Elinski held a fabulous IT job … until he was down-sized. As a VP-level applications manager, Mike loved his work at a major healthcare organization. After being laid off, he set out to find a job of the same caliber. For six months, he tried to find a similar position—but didn’t receive an offer comparable to his former position.

Luckily, a TEKsystems recruiter spotted Mike’s resume on CareerBuilder, and brought it to Ellece Campbell’s attention.

Returning to work

Like Mike, Ellece had experience trying to return to work after a long hiatus. In the 1990s, Ellece had worked for TEKsystems in recruiting, training and sales roles. When her second son was born, Ellece quit her position to care for her children. One more boy and ten years later, Ellece wanted to return to the professional world. But unlike many mothers who struggle to resume their careers after leaving, Ellece jumped right into a comparable sales position at TEKsystems, this time as a direct placement account manager.

Ellece loves helping IT candidates find permanent jobs. When she saw Mike’s resume, she worried she wouldn’t be able to place such a high-level candidate. Instead of dismissing his case as too difficult, Ellece decided to meet with Mike to better understand his goals, interests and strengths. The two hit it off, and Ellece quickly found him a terrific opportunity. In fact, she found him two.

Two roads diverged

After so many years with one company, Mike let Ellece know he wanted a position where he could grow and learn. After six months of job-searching without landing a comparable offer, Ellece got him two. One was a healthcare role similar to his old position, and the other was for a senior director of infrastructure for a financial company.

“Mike decided to take a chance and go for the road less traveled,” says Ellece. He accepted the financial industry role, a departure from his healthcare industry background. “He’s excited to grow his skills and leadership ability,” explains Ellece.

Mike has been enjoying the new position for one year. “In fact, he just called me and said, ‘It’s our anniversary!’” says Ellece. The two meet for lunch every other month and Ellece supports Mike’s charity work for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Ellece loves Mike’s story because she was able to turn a tough situation around and find Mike an exciting role. “That’s my job: to help people be who they want to be. We help them reach their goals and it’s very satisfying.”

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Lisa Dare is a writer for TEKsystems who loves learning about IT from some of the smartest folks in the industry. She frequently blogs about IT careers, talent management and tech culture. Follow her on Twitter to keep up with TEKsavvy blog content.

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