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Friday Fun for the IT Crowd: Replypocalypse and other great tech stories

January 22, 2016

By Lisa Dare

Investing tailor-made for IT workers

RealtyShares, a crowdfunding site for real estate investments, says IT pros make up most of its investor base. The company is now targeting that group further by creating new products specializing in cities with high tech worker concentrations: Seattle, Dallas, Austin, Miami and Chicago.

Something else that might make RealtyShares attractive to tech lovers: You can invest with Bitcoin.

Is diversity in tech just code for “hire more women”?

Tech circles are buzzing this week about Bloomberg’s insightful article on why Silicon Valley doesn’t hire black coders. Don’t take our word for it—just read the piece. It’s fascinating, balanced and ultimately kind of sad.


This week I stumbled across a new word: replypocalypse, or replyallpocalypse. And Time, Inc. is undergoing a doozy right now. 

You know the drill: Someone accidentally uses a D-list to ask a question intended for one recipient, triggering an avalanche of email notifications and frustration.

First, the “remove me from this list” requests start, and everyone gets them. Then several people use reply all to tell people to stop replying to all. Then the cranks in the organization speak their minds.

Then, invariably, the wits get involved, and the whole thing devolves into madness. The jokes start. Memes get into the act. Email servers slow to a halt.

Enjoy other people's email agony? Check out this hilarious Reddit post detailing an epic replypocalypse that took down a 30,000-user email system for a whole day.

It’s a motorcycle! It’s a jet ski!

It’s just cool. And you know you want one.

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Lisa Dare is a writer for TEKsystems who loves learning about IT from some of the smartest folks in the industry. She frequently blogs about IT careers, talent management and tech culture. Follow her on Twitter to keep up with TEKsavvy blog content.

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