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A female IT recruiter calls a candidate

Ask a TEKsystems recruiter

Experienced IT recruiters answer your toughest career questions

November 3, 2016


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Question: When should a recruiter call a candidate, and can a candidate ask for a higher rate?

Should a recruiter contact a more experienced candidate for a job requirement that is entry-level or requires 1-2 years’ experience and not expect an experienced candidate to request compensation at a higher level? Should a recruiter call a candidate about opportunities that pay less than their desired salary? Why are most job descriptions overly specific or they entry-level? Where are the jobs for the experienced IT professionals in a global economy?

The answer comes from Emma, a senior account manager in Kansas City: 

I can see why you’d be frustrated to receive calls that don’t match your salary desire or seniority. TEKsystems recruiters take every contact with candidates as an opportunity to better understand your skills, goals and interests—who you are beyond a resume—so that we can match you with the right opportunity when it comes up. Similarly, when a hiring manager gives us an opening to fill, we work with him or her to understand the total opportunity before trying to match it with a candidate. While it’s absolutely fair for you to ask if a salary or rate is flexible or decline to interview, remember there are many factors that can make a job an excellent opportunity: potential for career advancement, paid training and certification, remote work opportunities or excellent benefits, for instance.

I agree that some job descriptions can be overly specific, but a good recruiter can help you understand which skills are essential and which are negotiable. As an account manager, I personally spend a lot of time coaching employers on creating effective job postings that describe the full opportunity and candidate success traits. You can read our recent research about job descriptions, if you’re interested. 

Finally, the IT job market is generally favorable for job-seekers right now, but so much depends on your location and specific skills. Working to gain additional certifications can really give you an edge. Also, you might consider moving to an area with jobs that align with your skills or looking into remote job opportunities. It is also worth noting that if you're having trouble getting responses online, many people find success through networking. Having someone to advocate or highlight your profile and experience personally is much more effective than applying online. We recommend connecting to local user groups or networking groups to get started in that effort. If you’d like to move to a new area, I encourage you to directly call the TEKsystems office in that region. Best of luck in your search!

Question: I've been submitting applications to open IT positions but never hear back. What's the best way to get a response?

If you’ve applied for several positions and haven’t heard from a recruiter, it’s probably because they haven’t found a position that matches your skills and interests to an employer’s needs yet. 

So what can you do? 

  • Go ahead and call the recruiter associated with a position or your local office directly. You can find the office number on our locations page. If you’re interested in a particular job opening, contact the recruiter named on the job listing directly. This can set you apart from other candidates if we get a large volume of resumes for an open position.  
  • If you’re looking to move to a new region, call the TEKsystems location in that area to speak to a recruiter, who can be instrumental in helping you relocate. Or you can contact your local office to talk to a recruiter about moving to another location, especially if you’re open to moving to multiple areas. Our skill-aligned recruiters can reach out to their networks about openings across in other locations. 

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