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A tech recruiter answers  questions about resumes and getting an entry-level IT job

Ask a TEKsystems recruiter

Experienced IT recruiters answer your toughest career questions

October 20, 2016

By Lisa Dare 

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Question: How should I list contracting jobs on resumes?

I am a contractor with several years of experience. I have been doing 1 or 2 projects a year. On my resume should I list all of my experience, or just the last 2-3 projects?

Answer from Ellece, a direct placement recruiter in Detroit:

You should showcase your resume in a way that puts your best professional foot forward, so my answer may depend on which parts of your experience stand out. In general, you should describe your most recent projects in detail, highlighting any measurable accomplishments or milestones, but also briefly list any longer-term projects in the last 5-10 years so employers see how far your experience goes back. Omit jobs that don’t pertain to your current professional goals (e.g., retail or service positions). Finally, pay attention to the job descriptions to see what an employer values, and tailor your resume accordingly.

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Question: Will companies train entry-level IT candidates?

I am recent grad working as an AV IT field agent who has basic IT and help desk skills, with working and hands-on knowledge of ticketing systems. I was wondering how important are advanced skills when looking for an entry-level IT position? Are companies willing to train new IT specialists?

Answer from Katie, an infrastructure account recruiting manager in Baltimore:

Most companies come to us looking for someone who already has a few years of experience, but we sometimes see managers open to bringing in someone more junior and training them up.  Also, working on short term projects can help you gain the experience needed to get a long-term position. Getting your CompTIA A+ certification is a good bet.  

Question: Should you list the contracting agency on your resume?

Should you write the name of the company you contracted at or the agency that placed you?

Answer from Brian, a direct placement recruiter in Chattanooga, Tennessee:

Many people think it’s the contracting agency, but actually, hiring managers just want to see the name of the company where you performed the work. It’s not dishonest, as most employers assume shorter-term positions were worked as a contractor. 

Question: Will I take a paycut after graduating?

I already work as a contractor at a motor company as a refresh tech, but am about to finish my bachelor's degree in database management. Will I keep making the same (pretty great) pay or get paid less since I'm starting a new career path? 

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