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3 New Year’s resolutions for IT pros

January 02, 2015
By Vanessa Ulrich

Welcome to 2015! Make sure you kick it off right with New Year’s resolutions that will benefit you personally and professionally. Here are three for you to consider adding to your list:

In 2015, I will secure my personal devices.

Whether it’s your personal data or your company’s, don’t make it easy for criminals to get their hands on sensitive information. Being diligent with what you access from your personal devices is an easy place to start. Seventy-two percent of IT professionals believe company data is at risk when employees access information from personal devices. Check your company’s policy on using personal devices for work, and make sure you aren't violating any security protocols by doing so. Just because nothing has been communicated about a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy, does not mean there isn't one. Check if you aren't sure.

In 2015, I will create a better work-life balance.

With one-third of IT pros facing all-time high stress levels, a re-evaluation of priorities is crucial. Living with a consistently high level of stress is not healthy or sustainable. Talk to your manager about how you can better manage your workload—is there software that could make your job easier? Build a case for the value it would bring your company. Need more people on your team? Consider contracting for a couple IT pros to fill project skills gaps. You might also benefit from clarifying expectations regarding accessibility with your boss. Do you really need to be available 24/7 while on vacation, or can you set aside an explicit window of 1-2 hours each day when you’ll respond to emails? In the end, your wellbeing will benefit your team, your boss, and your company.

In 2015, I will build my personal brand online.

What do you want to be known for? With 82 percent of IT leaders reporting they use social media to examine job candidates, you simply can’t afford to have a LinkedIn profile without a photo—or just as bad, a Facebook profile with an inappropriate photo. Take the new year as an opportunity to clean up your image online, and tailor it to the ”you” that you want employers to see. That goes for everything from profile photos to ”about me” blurbs, to the types of people and companies you follow and the content you post. For more tips, check out this article on how to use social media in your job search.

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As part of TEKsystems’ public relations team, Vanessa Ulrich reads everything she can about the technology industry and emerging trends. Vanessa blogs about where technology and society collide, giving context and commentary to top news stories. You can reach her with questions and comments @vanessulr via Twitter.

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