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Meet Matt Scott, TEKsystems director of business operations

March 12, 2015
By Vanessa Ulrich

matt scott

It was over 10 years ago that Matt Scott’s sister, at that time a recruiter for TEKsystems, suggested he apply with the company. Fast forward to 2015—Matt now runs two TEKsystems offices, one in Omaha, Nebraska, and a brand new location in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Last year Matt and his teams were able to match about 400 IT professionals with jobs in the Omaha and Sioux Falls markets.

Though TEKsystems has been doing business in Sioux Falls for about a decade, Matt says high demand in the area, especially within the past year, spurred the new office opening. Local companies have made more of a push to expand their IT departments and IT projects—especially in information security—though the demand and need for IT talent runs across the board.

For some positions, like Web development, programming and computer user support, Matt’s team has been able to work with the graduates of nearby University of South Dakota and South Dakota State. These young professionals have high aptitudes and are really hungry for experience in the IT field, Matt explains. For many, it’s their first job out of school, so it feels good to help kick off their career in IT.

“The Sioux Falls market has really opened up—it’s not just national corporations who are expanding their IT teams and taking on new projects, it’s local companies as well,” says Matt. “Healthcare, finance, state and local government, are all areas hiring increasing numbers of IT professionals.”

Last week, on local radio station KSOO-AM, "The Talk of Sioux Falls," interviewed Matt about the work he does and the new office opening. Listen to a recording here.

If you have any other questions or are interested in learning more about the various opportunities TEKsystems has available, contact the office in your area to see how they can help you take your IT career to the next level!

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