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IT pros: A breed of their own

June 22, 2015
By Kelly Cooper

“Now you can forget what you’ve heard about bulls and bears or shark tanks; working in the tech industry is a breed of its own.”

So starts TEKsystems’ newest video, which takes an inside look into the IT department at the fictitious eBark, a tech company run by dogs.

Wait, what? “You made an IT video about dogs?!”

Well, short answer—yes. But let me explain. Here in the TEKsystems Marketing Department, we love dogs. We often scour the Internet for pictures of friendly, furry K-9s to get us through writing and creativity blocks. We even have a wall dedicated to pictures of our own pets. Looking at the wall, it is easy to see the dogs’ differences in appearance, and as each owner coos (and sometimes complains) about their pet’s personality, we understand their differences in temperament and behavior. But mostly we lump them all together in one group, which we love: dogs!

For simplicity’s sake, people are also often lumped into groups, especially when it comes to our professions. Often we are labeled by where we work in an organization: accounting, HR and certainly marketing. My friend Alex is a video designer and I’m a writer, and we both work in marketing—but ask him to edit copy for AP style or ask me to animate graphics, and you’d stump us both.

The same goes for IT. People often group the drastically different skill sets into one bucket:  “Oh, she works in IT,” people say, when the “she” in question could be a help desk analyst, a programmer or a digital project manager. All of those positions are, yes, linked to information technology, but their skills, strengths and day-to-day responsibilities couldn’t be more different.

Enter the “IT Workers: A Breed of Their Own” video, our light-hearted attempt at personifying the strengths, personality types and differences of the many ‘breeds’ of IT professionals.

So … did we get your breed right? Or just plain wrong? Which groups did we miss? (Note: Market research says zero people watch videos longer than two minutes, so we can’t fit everyone in. Sorry!)

As a writer in TEKsystems’ marketing department, Kelly Cooper develops content for brochures, presentations, and more recently, videos and blogs. When she’s not brainstorming puns, Kelly enjoys playing tennis and being by or on the water.

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