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cooking turkey in an oven

High-tech Thanksgiving gadgets

November 20, 2015
By Susan Hering

You work in IT and people have certain expectations of you—you have a leading-edge smartphone, an informed opinion about net neutrality and, of course, a tech-optimized lifestyle that would befit George Jetson (or at least one of those lucky Wired gadget reviewers).

Why not use Thanksgiving to show the family what a tech boss you really are?

From helping you pour the perfect cocktail to super-sizing the football game, these high-tech devices will reinforce your status as the host/hostess with the mostest. So sit back and and let some nifty gadgets make Turkey Day extra easy and extra fun.

It’s all about the turkey, and the tech

Cooking a turkey properly can be challenging, but with the help of these digital thermometers and cooking gizmos, yours is sure to be perfectly prepared and carved.

  • The Supermechemical Ember Range thermometer is heatproof up to 450°F and can be left in the oven for hours while it sends temperature updates and remote alerts to any device with an Internet connection. To top it off, it’s hand washable, making clean-up a breeze! Price: $59.95
  • With the ability to monitor internal meat temperatures from up to 300 feet away, the Ivation IVAWT738 allows you to actually leave the kitchen to bond with family. The wireless receiver provides real-time temperature updates and will alert you if the temperature goes above the desired temperature you programmed. Price: $69.99
  • Impress your guests by using a different, high-end cooking technique to prepare your turkey this year—sous-vide. The Anova Precision Cooker will help cook your turkey in an airtight plastic bag submerged in a water bath at a perfect, even temperature. This modern Wi-Fi-enabled device can also send real-time cooking updates directly to your smartphone so you can easily set the turkey to cook and leave it alone. Price: $179.00
  • Now that you’ve nailed cooking the turkey, it’s time to carve up the bird. Waring’s electronic knife is cordless and has an ergonomic handle, which will allow you to carve your turkey cleanly and quickly. Price: $169.95

Perfecting your side dish game

Make your Thanksgiving day run smoother by using these kitchen gadgets to manage time.

  • Timing plays a huge role in pulling of a Thanksgiving gathering. Whether you’re timing your different side dishes or counting the hours down to various football games, the OXO Good Grips Triple Timer will help you juggle up to three different timed events. The three 100-hour timers each have their own distinctive alarm so you’re sure not to overcook the green bean casserole or miss the 4:30 p.m. game. Price: $20.00
  • The Drop Scale and Drop Recipes app offers a new, interactive way to prepare sides or even desserts. The app, available for most devices, syncs with the wireless scale and walks you step by step through a recipe while you weigh ingredients as you go. If you happen to run out of an ingredient, no problem! The app can recalculate your recipe based on the amount of the ingredient you have on hand, or can even offer ingredient substitutions. Price: $99.95

Thanksgiving entertaining gadgets

Hosting a successful Thanksgiving not only hinges on great food, but great entertaining. Why not pull out all the stops—and gadgets—to impress your guests with perfectly prepared drinks, soothing ambiance and a pocket projector for the big game.

  • A well-measured drink will not only let your guests enjoy delicious beverages all night long, but it will also help make sure everyone drinks responsibly. The Perfect Drink Scale and App helps you pour precision drinks with the help of a scale and smartphone-driven app that tells you when you’ve poured the correct amount of each liquid in your cocktail recipe. Price: $49.99
  • Serving wine? The Coravin 1000 Wine System lets you open and pour a glass of wine without ever uncorking the bottle. A small needle pierces through the cork, helping you avoid oxidizing the entire bottle of wine all at once. Price: $299.99
  • A fire helps create a calming vibe at the holidays. Trying using a tabletop fireplace to create the feeling of a real wood fire without the smoke and mess. Price: $169.99
  • Worried your family will eat up all your Wi-Fi trying to stream the big game from their smartphones? The Brookstone Pocket Projector Micro allows you to project HDMI video from most media-streaming devices, so everyone can watch together. It’s extremely portable and requires minimal set up, making it the perfect device to keep your guest entertained. Price: $129.99

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As a member of the TEKsystems’ marketing communications team, Susan Hering helps develop and write strategic marketing collateral, including brochures, case studies and presentations. When she’s not in the office, she enjoys traveling, cooking and spending time outdoors.

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