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Friday Fun for the IT Crowd: The weirdest Star Wars merch (you secretly covet)

November 05, 2015
By Lisa Dare and Alexander Lucas

The Star Wars movie awakened a Force stronger than the Sith in retailers: the power of merchandising. While the droid robot was last year’s most-coveted item and the Darth Vader showerhead made the biggest social media splash (ba dum!), it turns out the galaxy of absurd Star Wars merchandise is vaster than we knew.

Darth Vader showerhead: If you only knew the power of high water pressure

Darthvader Shower head

Special power: As nearly every tech magazine on the planet has pointed out, the shower “lets you bathe in Vader’s tears.” But its real secret power is the effect this showerhead is having on the manufacturer’s social media and PR efforts.

Price: $29.99

FAQ: Is there an R2-D2 version? Answer: Yes!

Star Wars R2D2 slippers: I find your lack of footwear disturbing

R2D2 Slippers

Special power: Hoth will seem a little less chilly when you are wearing these warm slippers.

Price: £11.99 (They don’t seem to be available in the U.S.)

Star Wars laptop:  You know better than to trust a strange computer

Star Wars Laptop

Special power: It’s not easy to impress 13-year-old boys. This notebook’s war-battered appearance and red-backlit keyboard just might do it.

Price: $699

Fan appeal: Star Wars relics like pre-Star Wars “concept art," storyboards and other behind-the-scenes stuff.

Star Wars R2-D2 keyring: These are the keys you were looking for

R2D2 Keyring

Special power: If you lose your keys you can whistle and the keyring will glow red and make noise.

Price: $10.90

Fan appeal: Its little beeps sound like the galaxy’s most lovable robot.

Finally, Darth Tater: TEKsystems' favorite new boss

Darth Tader (Potato Head)

You’re going to be seeing more of him soon.

Also-rans: More quirky Star Wars toys

Star Wars makeup. To say the merchandising tie-in is a stretch would be an understatement on the order of “the original trilogy is better.”

R2-D2 air fresheners. Even Dagobah won’t smell like a slimy mudhole with these air fresheners.

R2-D2 refrigerator. Drinks so cold you will think they were encased in carbonite

Old-school Star Wars lunch boxes. Because I’m pretty sure most of you had one of these when you were a kid and secretly wish you still did. (I do).

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