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Friday Fun for the IT Crowd: The 7 REAL reasons IT workers are stressed

May 22, 2015
By Lisa Dare

Our annual IT Stress & Pride survey shows IT pros are a lot less stressed out than last year. Some of the concerns about work-life balance seem to be easing, and people are generally happy they chose a career information technology.

But major concerns aside, what are the lesser-known stressors for people who work in information technology?

1. Newbies who post really easy questions on Stack Overflow. Or worse, homework questions from their computer science courses. 

2. Hacking scenes in Hollywood movies. (Unless they're so-bad-they're-good hacking flicks). 

3. Laypeople who blame every computer problem on “the server” when they don’t know what a server is.  

4. Job descriptions for IT jobs that require five years of experience in a three-year-old technology. Job descriptions looking for a database architect / designer / systems administrator—all in the same candidate. Job descriptions written by HR.  

5. Scope creep, i.e., when the features for the application in development suddenly start multiplying like bunnies. 

6. Their relatives, who demand hours of unpaid tech support for every holiday gathering attended.

7. Printers. Despite a lack of training in hardware repair, IT workers at smaller organizations are usually the first to be contacted when the office printer is broken. And the printer is always broken. 

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