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Friday Fun for the IT Crowd: What stock photographers think sysadmins do

December 18, 2015
By Lisa Dare

Forget what your mother thinks you do at work. Far funnier is what stock photographers imagine.

To be fair, stock photographers have to figure out exactly what it is professionals do at work all day, find credible models and compose shots that tell a story. So it makes sense that they don’t always nail the details.

But while I relate to their challenges, a recent search for systems administrators yielded an especially goofy batch I couldn’t resist sharing.

Systems engineer: All aboard!

Comical Sysadmin Stock Photo

Ma’am, I’m here to help. I have brought this screwdriver to open your desktop computer, where we’ve conveniently stored all our servers.

Name: Lars

Title: Systems engineer

Uniform: Train conductor overalls (because he’s an engineer, of course)

Daily tasks: Searching for servers in all the wrong places

Could this be the future?

Man: Ma’am, we don’t need a server to connect to. It’s all in here (points to head).

Woman: Brilliant! I’ll just plug into your brain and power up my virtual desktop. Is this the right port?

Name: Mr. Roboto

Title: Server administrator

Uniform: Denim and gloves

Daily tasks: Powering applications ... with his brain

A day in the life of the typical IT pro

A fun day in the life of the typical IT pro

This is so much better than my job at the YMCA. And Dad’s suit fits me so well. Damn, if I don’t look like I know what I’m doing.

Name: Justin

Title: Senior systems engineer

Uniform: Dad’s suit and colorful shirt/tie combo from the junior’s department

Daily tasks: Optimizing Tinder profile, tweeting PSAT memes, frantically looking up the Gartner IT Glossary

The dream team

Systems administration team in server room

It’s 9am, we scrubbed the server room spotless, painted it a spectacular white and installed new lighting. Oh, yeah, we backed up the tapes and graphed CPU usage. Team systems administration!

Names: Mandy, Randy and Andy

Title: Systems Administration Team

Uniform: Crossed arms

Daily tasks: Whatever it takes!

The bad dream team

Dangerouse Sysadmins

You want that file that mysteriously disappeared? How much is it worth to you?

Name: Tabitha, Judge Buster and Desiree

Title: Justice and systems administration

Uniform: Menacing stares and, confusingly, a judge’s robe

Daily tasks: Revenge


Many stock photographers have no friends who work in IT. (Hopefully no one publishes this post: "IT pros: What IT bloggers think you do"). If you enjoyed this article, check out recent  posts or follow me on Twitter

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